Chapter 1: Intentions Awakened

Dear reader,

You know nothing, everything you though you knew is irrelevant but if you accept the offer proposed, everything will become clear and knowledge will stare you in the face like a mirror. Explaining the purposes and riddles in the future will take time and you must understand all of the secrets you uncover will not be so quick to find and by the end of this,  intentions clear as day will be shrouded in more darkness, proving how little you know. When you finish reading this, you will realise that the first puzzle piece has already been put into place, that piece is the catalyst for the creation of a being unique to anyone else. Piece after piece, the being grows strong, feeding the beast locked inside of it that will breaking free and taking over your minds, taking control and taking them on a journey that will soon become clear once the fog clouding the thoughts pass.

This journey needs a hub, a base where everything can be linked back to and this core lies with The Journal. This core is necessary for you to be able put the pieces together but with an experience like this comes patience. You will not get all of the knowledge you require in one easy bundle for that will not enable the being the gain a character, a personality you could say. This piece is the first chapter of a journey that will divide and conquer, and it’ll soon become clear these chapters spell out the rise of the being; it grows like a baby through the infant years to rise through the levels of live, one step at a time.

By now, you must be wondering what is this being I speak of and how does it tie into this journey of mystery. This being has a name but that name is locked at the moment. The being’s aim in life is to become a success at what it puts its head to but there are times where life is too grey and it wants to release himself from the vigours of life and re-ignite the colour inside of it and release it into his surroundings. It goes by the nickname of Dr. R, his real name still unknown. With each piece it creates, it turns into a chapter which is the fuel that keeps it going but more importantly, keeps that journey continuing.

Now the next question, what is the source of its inspiration, the inspiration that turns into the fuel that extends his purpose. Anything…anything is the answer, what he can get its hands on, what it can wrap its brain around, any resource it finds, it turns it into something meaningful and by making it meaningful, it gives it a purpose and by doing that, it gives itself a purpose which is to take you on the path of discovery but remember, the answers will not come easily. To describe this being, it is a magician with sleeves that seem unlimited, an array of tricks lay covered and it is up to you to master these tricks for the words, phrases and situations used to form the tricks will be enigmatic at times, you may think you have mastered the tricks but really, the tricks have a grip of you and have your head in a spin. That is perfectly normal at first and even the most veteran of you readers will fall foul of my tricks; I intend to make these tricks like that in order to keep the interest insider you burning strong. I need strong minds and strong people to be able cope with the chapters or rantz as it likes to call them.

The being will soon become an integral part of your life, it has a plan that it wants to share with you and to thank you for reaching the end of this chapter. It wants to reward you but as the being is a magician, there’s a catch. It will reveal its name but you the reader must put the code together to form a name that belongs to the being. Are you clever enough to solve the code?

The code has tips to help you. Firstly, you must run to solve the code but don’t run past it. Secondly, if you follow that advice, look for the number that’s precedes everything else but it not so cold that it freezes and once you do that, add a oval to the end and convert into written form to complete it and lastly, when you inset the final part of the code, it won’t work; only by redesigning the inset can the code work, Mary Shelley’s famous character will be particularly useful for this part.

If you have not noticed, the challenge has already begun and the being is now waiting for you to complete it. If you want to play the being’s game, make sure you stay alert to collect its next chapter.

Yours sincerely, (insert name).


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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