Chapter 2: The Encryptions

Dear reader,

If you read the opening chapter of this journey of discovery, you may or may not be a step closer to finding the true intentions of ‘Dr. R’ and his creation, The Being. The doc put the first cog into place last week and The Being’s birth was cemented into place, from now on, its development will only go forward and although there is the chance development could be delayed, there can be no doubt its evolution will continue to increase, no matter what the difficulties. The Journal as was said is the hub of this journey so if you find yourself lost from the path, always refer back to the core to make your directions true again down the path. The mysteries that you face will be plentiful, only with practice can you master them and provide the answers for the tricks of ‘Dr. R’. Now it is time to provide a real test, the doc feels you are equipped enough to experience one of his many ramblings and it is up to you to solve the encryption of his words.

‘Dr. R’ intends to ignite the passion inside of you, telling you this story in a way that captivates you. He understands that the media churn out information but in a way that only emits grey rays of lights but for The Being to thrive, it needs more than just grey and its different shades, maybe 50 of them would prove to be rather overwhelming and if not, inappropriate so the grey will be joined by its band of coloured brothers and sisters and if you’re smart enough to realise, you will understand The Doc’s encryptions.

Right now The Doc has left his first encryption below but what it means will be interpreted by you. The passage is as follows: ‘Down on the Earth raged a punishment as powerful as a fist of iron. The pummeling that crashed down was the cause deep sorrow that swelled the minds of many and the overflowing of defences overwhelmed by a power no man could ever fight’.

You must understand that the encryptions ‘Dr. R’ uses are intended to confuse, The Doc is a trickster so deciphering this passage will take patience and you must harness this patience for other tasks that you will have to face up to. However, if you think carefully, there is a clue that will lead you to your answer. The use of the media is important to ‘Dr. R’ so maybe by using it can you find the answer to what story is being told.

Don’t worry, if you are unable to decipher what the message is, your journey does not end here, use this an experience to learn from. There will soon be other challenges to test yourselves against, a time to prove yourself, a time to show your prowess, a time to let yourself be consumed by The Doc’s grand scheme, how does The Being tie into this journey.

Right now, that is all that can be said for this chapter. However, if you able to solve the encryption, leave a message below so that other followers can be quickly enlightened, enabling them to decipher the message just as you did and keep the influence of The Journal of ‘Dr. R’ alive. Soon his real name and his grand scheme will be revealed.

Yours sincerely, (insert name).


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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