Chapter 3: The Restless East

Dear reader,

It seems likely that you will at this point in time, be used to the drill. Coded intents, camouflaged messages and an enigma that’s as unpredictable as what Boris Johnson has for breakfast but ‘Dr. R’ had a plan at hand and now this plan is in motion.

For his next encryption, the Doc was inspired by two colours but the identity of those colours are locked away. You must figure out where the key to those colours are and it lies in this: ‘The land in the East fights for acceptance into the West. Blood, sweat and tears have fallen but the fighting continues. Despite the passing of responsibilities into temporary hands, the fights rages on and risks over-spilling into the yard of the Land’s more dominant neighbour’.

Just what does this encryption mean? What story is it trying to tell? That is up to you to decide. With this another cog is added to The Being but strength comes numbers so if you are able to find the key and work out what colours in the encryptions, leave a message to light up the path for others to follow. ‘Dr. R’ wants to find the maverick in you, he encourages the orthodox to become unorthodox, sometimes he can be misunderstood but that does not blow him off course, he is not afraid to think outside of the box and neither should you.

Remember the value of the media, it will lead you to your answer like a shining light or it will cast you astray like a pirate marooned on an island but think clearly and you will succeed in this latest task.

That is it for now, keep the influence of The Journal of ‘Dr. R’ alive. Soon his real name and his grand scheme will be revealed.

Yours sincerely, (insert name).


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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