Chapter 5: Rebellion

Dear readers,

In an eventful few days that have turned into weeks and months, I think it is time for more of you to understand what it means to be a rebel. A rebel is one that doesn’t do as everyone else does, one that thinks differently but more importantly, one that does not want to fit in amongst the rest. In times where the heart and soul needed to conquer the vigours of life erode slowly away, we need more people willing to innovate, inject some life back into life and be the engineers of the next generation. Rebels don’t have to break the law and The Doc would certainly not want you to do so but remember, in life, it is very much the survival of the fittest, it is engineered into us to be competitive, to be better than the rest, to succeed in goals that may have been present right from the get-go, you taking your first breaths on Earth.

I consider myself a rebel against normality, I may not have reached my ultimate potential but this a journey, it is a not a sprint but a marathon so even the likes of Usain Bolt can’t speed his way down this journey. My aim in this world is not fixed nor is it so free that I have no structure in life. I have a purpose but once that purpose is complete, another purpose grows in its place, blossoming into a key for that purpose and when it seems the clouds come into sight, conquer that adversity so even when those clouds act as barriers, clear them and your growth will continue to ascend.

There are times where life gets put into perspective, something you see in the news, something that personally affects you, a event in your life that changes the norm, don’t be complacent, don’t settle for the B when you can get the A, rise like the phoenix, soar when the lava erupts and when it’s time to be released, have the mindset of the kraken. Be your own person, look into the mirror and be happy with the reflection because to rebel means to change something, if you need that change, dive right into it.

As humans, we crave acceptance, to feel like we are wanted but once you reach that stage, you have to move on and move up. The next stage after that is to separate oneself from everyone else and stand out. Don’t be afraid to be different, you don’t have to believe in what everyone else does just so you feel accepted, the people you care about should be able to accept you, warts and all for who you are and if they can’t stomach who you’re turning into, leave them behind. Rebels are different kinds of people, almost alien because of the way they act, what they say and what they do. They know how to express themselves and leave an impact on those close them but as I’ve said, don’t break the law expressing yourselves because some degree of restraint is needed, too much freedom can actually be a hindrance.

Rebel Against Normality, do you dare to take the challenge?

‘Dr. R’


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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