Chapter 7: Identity Crisis

Dear readers,

It has come to The Doc’s attention that in this cruel world, people are all to willing to chew you up and spit you right out, leaving you to have to pick up all the pieces. This cruel world is unforgiving, underestimating, unlucky for the the more oblivious of souls but this world is rewarding as it is dangerous. One of the most important ways to help you get through the perils that have trapped your past, trap your present and will trap your future is a identity but with so many trends and fads floating around that affect people of all ages, gender, background and class, it can be frighteningly difficult to differentiate yourself and the answers to your problems initially will not be so clear. With experience, the clouds that block your vision will gradually disappear but having an identity in this most modern of crises is crucial to you reaching a peace of mind with yourself and others.

The traps are everywhere, visible and invisible; but don’t lose heart otherwise you will fall into a trap that will chew and spit you up like a dog biting through its dog toy. Speaking of dogs, you will need to build an identity in order to add valuable information to your dog tag, that tag will have everything about you on it, that tag will have your successes and failures on it. That tag will be your unique bar code that is like a fingerprint, no exact copy of it so make the most of its uniqueness because when that tag is yanked off when we perish from this cruel world, the words etched onto your tag will be transferred onto your tombstone, a final reminder of the impact you made on the lives of those who loved you most. You see, even when we are not of this world, there will always be questions that need answering. The sources where the answers will be found will need to be worked out, you will not find them quickly, nor will you even begin to think about finding the answers as some questions have powerful consequences, God only knows what happened to flight MH370, the pieces to that heart-breaking of puzzles will come to light, one way or another.

Answers, they are a craving, something we can’t live without, something that keeps our hearts beating. Answers keep our minds ticking but when you are trapped in an identity crisis, there are no visible answers and that ticking and beating may shrivel up and turn arid. Stuck in the void, a loop repeating, you may appear happy on the outside but on the inside, happiness flies far away into the horizon. But what must we do to avoid this false satisfaction, it is very simple, in fact, potentially too simple but if you break a task down to its bare essentials, finding the answers should be an easier task.

Accept yourself, warts and all, remember, the dog tag that you were born with will be scribbled with your successes and failures, accept them both and you will start to understand why you may be in the mess you are in. Stand out from the crowd, shade yourself in a new colour, tint your present with a touch of new meaning and you will find yourself growing increasingly pleased that you finally were able to find some direction in your life. It takes but a trigger, big, small or in between and it can have lasting effects for you and others you hold close to you. Get to know your star-sign and embrace it, with me, I’m an Aries, I am confident, I am fearless, I am outgoing, I am not afraid to make mistakes, I am a leader in the mould of Ghengis Khan, those qualities may not have matured yet but I’m getting there and you all should embrace your sign and its qualities, it will surprise you how well your sign knows you.

If you feel you are alone in your identity battle, you are not because I’m struggling in one now. Side by side, all of us have to fight to find our identities in this world and find our purpose.

‘Dr. R’


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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