Chapter 8: The Lessons Of Life

Dear readers,

First of all, The Doc would like to warmly say Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers, mums, moms, mummies, mommas and not forgetting you grandmas too. It’s the sort of day where positive vibes surge all around you, where happiness is around every corner and where money suddenly goes flying out of your pocket and into the gleeful hands of florists all over the world. The person that went through pain beyond belief to bring you into this world gets to bask in the light of recognition as she is made dear and she is appreciated as if she is royalty. Despite the celebrations, there is still an agenda for ‘Dr. R’ to cover, namely the lessons of life that we must try to learn from.

As The Doc has said before, you must fail first in order to succeed, if you bypass the failure and success fails upon you without hardship or disappointment, Lady Luck must have been on your side but the reality is most of the time it won’t be so easy. There are lessons littered around everywhere, clear as day and opaque as darkness but the scattering of learnt lessons can be at times rather erratic, you see, lessons are like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same meaning you should expect lessons to come in all different shapes and sizes. However, the way we cope with these lessons are more important because the better we learn from these lessons, the stronger you will grow as a person. Mistakes for e.g. are lessons because you will learn how not to replicate that same mistake, sometimes it takes practice, patience, understanding and time to master but eventually, you may master this lesson. Here is a scenario to help you visualise this type of lesson, say you get yourself drunk and by drunk, take it as absolutely hammered, take note that vodka is The Devil’s work, fail to respect it and you will feel no mercy. Getting home at God knows what time, with angry parents demanding to know what you’ve been up to is an uncomfortable experience, especially if you’re not in control of yourself. This is a lesson of not getting yourself trashed like those tramps from Geordie Shore.

Another lesson is that of improvement, to be better than you were before, to evolve into a breed stronger than the previous breed. This requires skill, if you do not have the understanding to upgrade, you simply won’t make the step up so unless you work harder, strive higher, leap further, run faster, fly higher or whatever way you can think of, improvement will continue ghost you, maybe right before your eyes without you knowing. The unique qualities of these lessons mean no two people will have the same composition of tasks to pass but with strength comes numbers so take any advantage to help others as well take advantage of assistance from others.

These are but two examples but there are plenty more with abundance like the air we breathe, in time, the metaphoric metal detector will be needed to unearth those lessons that apply to you. The lessons of life can be sparse as they are plentiful but whatever is written into destiny, don’t forget a slice of humble pie will take you far in life, it is the little things that sometimes mean the most.

‘Dr. R’


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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