Chapter 10: Mind Of A Ranter

Dear readers,

Rant. What does rant mean to you, do you flip out over the tinniest of things, do you love to motor-mouth your way through the week, are your lungs so active they need to be used considerably more than a normal person or is it that you are it and it is you. Ranters don’t have to be insane, as long as their heart beats with a passion and zest for life, there is no harm done, ranters are those who aren’t afraid to join the minority, at times, it is nice to feel accepted and respected as part of the majority but at other times where any voice out of line with the norm are removed, ranters rebel against that and speak out of line anyway. At the end of the day, everyone is different so everyone is entitled to their own opinion which they should have the freedom to express. As The Doc has said before, there are trends everywhere that people get sucked into but in a world full of grey submission, we need more voices not grey at all to bring some colour and vibrance, making life a more bearable experience.

What thoughts course through your brain that make your blood boil? What actions bring results strong enough to evoke a flurry of emotions overwhelming you? What salt out there goes with your pepper to make a meal of discussion which you heartily enjoy? This may be a difficult task if you have never thought of it, there is no shame if you haven’t thought of any of these things, maybe you are a person who keeps a calm head under pressure, oozing an aura cooler than a cucumber. An important thing to remember is that whatever is the catalyst of your rantings can be absolutely limitless, everyone is different, the same as snowflakes which means something that would rattle one person would do nothing at all to someone else.

The Doc is a master of ranting, his mind is ticking with activity, there are certain events that can flick a spark of imagination inside his mind and he is able to create things that amuse him in the same way toys amuse kids. However, he is also able to create a collection of words combined into sentences, glued together into paragraphs forming the foundations of a rant, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, the satisfaction of making it is joy enough. Here is an example, below is one of his creations caused by the ongoing preparation for exams which is a word that summons fear you never knew dwelled inside you; the fear of not being prepared is enough to propel you into your studies, ensuring you get the grade you deserve.

European Union Law is a soul-sucking, lifeless, sour apple of a subject eating a granny smith would be a sweeter experience.

EU, it’s that time of year where you and your family of laws bare down on us as it’s the exams season, a time where the consumption of Red Bull goes through the roof so that people can sprout their wings and fly, where the impact of social life versus studying intensifies with every day and a time where it feels like it’s getting too much to handle with no way out of the madhouse of law. This is what I expected, the going to get tough, it’s the same feeling when you walk through thick mud, every step is an effort not only to keep going but to avoid getting bogged down in the brown mess. The pressure though rises, the ante cracks, this feels like a cliffhanger of almighty proportions but what lies behind the door into the future, is it relief, is it despair, is it something in between or are you a couch potato so nothing really changes, as Vincent Van Gogh once said, normality is a paved road, it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it, does this paint a picture of your life and its direction or lack of it. Behind the door we will go, kicking and screaming like a child forced onto the naughty chair if we have to but there is no other way unless you’ve watched so many Doctor Who episodes, you’re learnt how to be a timelord and built yourself a Tardis, thus avoiding this tricky situation.

EU, I have put myself at your mercy trying to understand you as if I’m a psychologist and you’re my patient, to be honest, I’m struggling, I’m struggling because I feel so confused at times, it feels like I’m reading French. I need some help from Montana because unlike him, I AM worried about nothin, I need Meek Mill too because I’m NOT a boss of anything right now and I need some divine intervention from because I’m NOT feelin’ myself and instead of me being the shit, it’s you, it should be the other way, in fact, if I ate some Black Eyed Peas, maybe I’d finally be able to tell you to SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP, SHUT UP and be rid of your antics. I almost feel like going insane because nothing seems to add up, work hard play hard more like work hard work harder, Wiz Khalifa has no effect on you and I bet neither would a hadouken or a kamehameha and soon I’ll be getting a Tinie Tempah because instead of you passing out, it’s me and when I am wake up again, I’m stuck in your Labrinth with an earthquake in here. Twists and turns, side to side, I’m trapped on a boat in the middle of a storm, black skies, black waters, this is more of a mindfuck than a Rubik Cube. The essence of this rant, through somewhat difficult circumstances, we somehow must keep going, whatever the cost, well to be honest, I’m going to be feeling like XP by the end of the exam season, absolutely knackered.

You see, this is what it’s all about being inside the mind of a ranter, you have to understand that they are passionate people but also that they are plagued by thoughts that fly around inside their minds on a daily basis. Those thoughts are always there, the cravings to express themselves there to but ranters are not insane, they are simply a breed of people to add to the many breeds of people that walk the Earth. Even with their foundations, their minds may not be rooted to Earth, they may be out there in space such is the activity of their minds.

Although spare a thought for those cool cucumbers who must be wondering what the hell is going on. Do not worry, you do not have to be a ranter if you don’t want to, no-one is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do but with a little more tolerance of those crackpots, nutters and eccentrics in a big quantity or a small one, you will learn that it is those people who bring colour and vibrance into your lives, they can be the ones who make you smile, make you burst out in laughter, be the shoulder for you to cry on, be the rock in your life spurring you on.

‘Dr. R’


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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