Chapter 11: The Crunch

Dear readers,

It’s that time of year that most teenagers dread, a time where their lives are engulfed by a sea of paper surrounding them with scribbles of handwriting strewn all over them. It doesn’t matter who you are, exams are an vital part of the year and for some they are literally make or break, a choice between sticking or twisting with the end result cupped in the palm of their hands. Hence why this chapter is named ‘The Crunch’ because now is the time if you really want to fulfil your potential to work hard, forget about your social life and knuckle down for long days and even longer nights of slogging away at the textbooks trying to understand the information your brain desperately needs to soak up.

How crunchy is the crunch you ask, how about a bowl of corn flakes to digest whilst reading this, is that crunchy enough? If not, tuck into a crisp apple to get those jaws working. Don’t be mistaken, when it’s crunch time, you better bring your A game because any pleas for mercy are likely to be turned down, instead, turn up something different to mercy, how about hunger or courage or determination and it will get you far not just through this exam period by life in general. Only winners ultimately will be remembered, second place are those who are the first losers, the first runners-up and no-one wants to be a second fiddle, everyone aims for the skies, no-one aims low. Form is temporary, class is permanent so show that class and the results will show, you reap what you sow, hard work will not be unrewarded; slacking off is natural, it’s human nature but a laid-back persona is not always the best persona when the business of results is in town, a sharp mind, honed skills, a desire to avoid failure at all costs, those are elements that are inside the beating heart of a competitor. Staying in sync with the beat like a metronome will guide you through the dark times but life is full of dark times, it’s unavoidable so crawling under a rock won’t make the troubles disappear because you need to channel the Dynamo in you to make those troubles disappear and conjure up spectacles unimaginable and awesome because awesomeness runs through the bodies of legen…..wait for it…..dary people.

As stated earlier, this is a time of sticking or twisting, a roll of a dice away from success or failure. Who of you will unearth the 21, find those lucky sevens and strike it rich when the roulette wheel stops? The answer is like ‘Dr. R’s identity, unconfirmed. However, you can increase your odds so they line up in your favour, the fight is near and you need your army of wits present into battle against the barrage of words that pose the riddles that you have to work out. Regret will be surfacing in this battle too, either the lack of it or the abundance of it; regret is an emotion of pain, bitter once, even more bitter twice if in quick sucession, don’t be like Lindsay Lohan and make the same mistakes of past decisions surface again, if this strikes a blow to you, reverse those misdemeanours, turning the tenacity for misjudgement into a pillar of strength, providing the foundations for a new era in your journey.

Rebels are well accustomed to ‘The Crunch’, it’s time to change the rules, amend the laws and most importantly, Rebel Against Normality. One of the Doc’s motto in life is ‘pain makes me strong’, it’s true, the pain of a strenuous workout at the gym will soon turn into joy when the birthday suit gets better to look at, this is the personification of ‘pain makes me strong’ because rebels turn those hard times into good times, the ways of doing this are endless. No tethers to hold back waves of imaginations, that is a very important factor in terms of dealing with ‘The Crunch’. From experience, you will learn that live is about a rebellion, to Rebel Against Normality because to do that means to achieve, to do means to overachieve, to do that means to fulfil dreams and turn them into reality, to do that means to be above average and that is what you should strive for because average does not fulfil potential, it is cosy but it does not test you, only through tests can you improve as a person.

Be fearless, be brave, be dogged and whatever comes to mind but don’t let crunch time crunch you as you shall the be the one crunching the crunch.

That is all for now, keep the influence of The Journal of ‘Dr. R’ alive. Soon his real name and his grand scheme will be revealed.

Yours sincerely, (insert name).




Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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