Chapter 12: Momentum

Dear readers,

In order to really make the most of the opportunities that present themselves, you must express yourself in a way that makes the most of the opportunities. To do this, you must harness what wise ol’ Doc calls ‘the flow’ which although is invisible at face value, has very visible effects in the long term.

There will be times where you experience the flow and its benefits, things clicking into place like Lego, building that house tall and when playtime is over, knock it down and rebuild it another day when the flow returns. The flow can be anything you want it to be, it can help you to reach goals, maintain a balance between the things you have to juggle in daily life or be the start of new venture. However, what is not so easy to understand is that for the flow to be effective, you need momentum; this key ingredient is what helps you to reach the goals, maintain the balance and start the ventures, momentum is like water to a flower, petrol to a car, if you can get momentum up and running, you won’t need to look back.

The hardest thing about momentum and benefiting from the flow is the start. It’s like lifting a heavy weight or trying to get out of bed on a Monday morning, pretty much nigh on impossible without a steely determination, an iron will or quite simply not having any energy. To get the ball rolling is a task for you to work out, it is a task that will decide the juggernauts amongst you all and probably decide who is in the Vinnie Jones category of toughness. You may rely on a flash of imagination, a bolt of creativity, a streak of magic, a beam of light to clear the mind, whatever it is, no-one is responsible for the end product other than you. There may be right hand men there to help but the flow works on a personal level, positive thinking and an idea of what exactly you want to achieve are the ingredients to success, a success that applies to you so go hard or go home because momentum only works with 100% effort, 100% commitment, 100% bawsing, in fact, go listen to ‘I’m A Boss’ by Meek Mill so you can bawse properly.

Once you have momentum, you can then tackle the flow because getting the ball rolling is one thing, keeping it rolling is another. Feed the flower and it will grow, feed the car and it will continue its journey so feed the rumble to stop the stumble, sweep the dust away and protect from the rust again. It’s time to stop the rewind button because you can’t let go if the past if you’re stuck with backward thinking, press the play button and change your mindset.

At times, it can be the simplest of tweaks and momentum can go from being a difficult foe to being your greatest ally. At other times, you need a game-changing moment that shocks your system to the point that change is the way to go, breaking from the rut that plagued you or maybe that game-changer actually puts you into a rut of a positive nature, giving you a direction, a co-ordinate, a bearing that might be the piece to the puzzle you’ve been waiting for so never underestimate the power of momentum because you just don’t know where it will lead you.

‘Dr. R’



Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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