Chapter 13: The Sucker Punch

Dear readers,

It can happen to all of us, for no apparent reason and worst of all, you never even had an inkling that it was going to happen. Sucker punches are life’s way of making sure our existence isn’t just a straight road to our goals but a rickety, jagged, uncertain one filled with anxiety of not knowing what lies in wait in the future. You may not know that the punch is going to happen but at times, there will be clues there that would have alerted you had you known about them. Go ask Brazil, a team filled with world class players and yet with the support of the country roaring behind them, they crumpled to a humiliating 7-1 defeat at the hands of Germany. Brazil were everything the Germans were not; they were naive, they were toothless, they were hopelessly under-prepared and most importantly they were too emotional. The loss of Neymar to injury and Thiago Silva to suspension cost them dear and well, here comes The Sucker Punch, Germany wiped the floor with them and when they did with ruthless excellence, down fell the tears of a nation shocked by the utter capitulation of the team in yellow.

Brazil must rebuild….
Brazil must get back onto their feet….
Brazil must wipe the tears away & find a way to ensure that such a performance never happens again.

This is the same for the rest of us who watched that match in disbelief. When The Sucker Punch comes at you, it might feel like the world has ended, well temporary speaking, the punch might have been so hard it knocked you unconscious but anyway, when it does come and passes, think clearly about what you want to do in the aftermath. What do you seek? Vengeance? Answers? Whatever you seek, find a way to recover because if you don’t, you will only sink further into despair. It can be tough, like studying for exams in the middle of the night without falling asleep from fatigue or trying to get out of bed on a cold Monday morning during the grip of Winter but however tough it is, you must recover because life goes on, nothing can stop that.

The aftermath will be the time to see where the true characters are, these are the ones who admit they were wrong in the past but are willing to accept their mistakes and move on. Naivety can be a sign of weakness but characters are those who transform that naivety into experience and learn not the same fatal mistakes that caused you to open yourselves up to The Sucker Punch and one day when you reminisce about Ground Zero, the place dark memories were created when the punch crashed down upon you, will you be in a weak place or one of sounder foundations. Ground Zero is poignant, it can be a cause for turning the flow to your side and allowing you to create momentum, using it to good affect. Ground Zero is a time to think about how much have you rebuilt, have you been able to get back to your feet and whether or not the mistakes of days past have either been sealed in the past or been allowed to reoccur.

Brazil is in mourning, broken glass everything and the despair still there, the players will have to get over this but the scars of the massacre they suffered will be reminders of the night they fell to the sword of Germany. In reality, all of us are Brazil and the haters are Germany; The Sucker Punch is an important part of your journey to success because you can be punched more than once in this cruel world but how you recover from it and how you launch your counter-attack is where the strength of your character will truly be tested so stay strong, seek courage and find salvation.

‘Dr. R’


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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