Chapter 14: Welcome To Hell

Dear readers,

Throughout your existence in this cruel world, adversity stares at you in the face. It stalks you, hides away from you, it may even walk beside you but you are oblivious to its presence. When the damn thing finally presents itself, it poses a dilemma, do you sprout wings and fly away from your troubles or do you remain there and fight the adversity like a man. What outcome will be revealed on the next page of your story is down to how well you cope out of your comfort zone.

For some it is quite simply unimaginable to be outside of that zone and as such upon leaving the zone, the comfortable surroundings they were used to evaporate away. This is when the wings sprout out of, their backs, ready to transport them back to the life of stale existence they have grown accustomed to. The message is simple, when you leave the comfort zone, you enter hell. Not the place where souls unfit to ascend to heaven dwell but the place where you go where darkness festers and you are the only sufferer. The truth is when you enter your hell, you go into a dark place where it feels like the hope inside you slowly drains away, basically, when adversity comes it welcomes you to hell. The welcome isn’t exactly welcoming either, more a nuisance that prickles the skin and warps the mind, being able to think straight becomes an almost impossible task.

Hell isn’t horrid, it is deeply horrid, the sort of horrid that doesn’t rub away no matter how big an eraser you use. There are two ways to get out of hell, the first is as has been mentioned earlier, the moment you leave the comfort zone and you don’t like what you see on the outside, like a bird, you fly away from the danger but beware. Yes you fly away from danger but at some point, the danger will locate you and it will find you, thus recreating the same dilemma as if your life is trapped in a loop. That danger is better know as adversity, remember, it stalks and creeps up on you and it can be as deadly as a snakebite, a fleeting moment which seems insignificant at first followed by limitless pain but pain brings change and it brings a change in you to empower you, never forget that pain makes you strong and to rebel against normality.

That is why the second option is the one to take you adversity stares at you like a bull trapped in the red mist, channel your own mist and use it to land the uppercut needed to KO the danger. Face it, embrace it, breath the danger, get used to it before sending the blow that knocks it out, doing that breaks the loop. Hell is troublesome as much as it is mysterious, danger will be waiting around the corner but even in the realms of your hell can hope be found. Grab that hope and hold onto it tightly, that hope signifies light amongst the darkness that surrounds it. That light will reveal the mysteries, open your eyes and lead you out of hell for good because adversity rains down hard and covers you in a blanket tight with soul-crushing intentions with no space to twist or to turn, warped minds, scared and spooked and the wings are ready to sprout out and fly therefore to beat adversity means to overcome the feelings to retreat back into the same routine, continuing the loop.

Break the spell and you regain control of your own fate and with the return of your senses to your body, free yourself from hell and once out of hell, you can welcome yourself back into the comfort zone with gleeful satisfaction. A challenge overcome with a boost to the ego to toot your trumpet to. The welcome to hell was a repeating nuisance but fronting your problems will stop the deja vu, be brave because in this cruel world, bravery can lead to great rewards.

That is all, the words of the Doc have been spoken.

‘Dr.  R’


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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