Chapter 15: Regret

Dear readers,

Regret is a bitter pill of an emotion that you will inevitably has suffered in your struggle to the top. It can have both positive and negative repercussions in your daily life and it is an emotion strong enough to shape the person you stand in the present. Regret is a basic necessity that we all must learn to deal with because it is unavoidable, it’s like water, fire, food, without it, we wouldn’t be human would we. Regret is something that you can’t run away from or something that you should allow yourself to be beaten by because as I’ve always said, life goes on.

Regret equals to experience and experience is what shapes who exactly you are; your morals, your beliefs, your opinions, your personality, experience is every much as essential as regret and to be honest, regret is far easier to cope with when you do something and regret it than not doing something and regretting it because that kind of regret is a lingering, agonising slow burner that stays in the mind vividly. Experience is not the only thing you pick up with regret, you pick up wisdom too, wisdom is what you use later on so that if time ever repeats itself again and you are left with a second chance for example, you use that wisdom to grab that chance because the pain in the past was bitter but will be even more bitter if you miss the second chance.

Dive into all of the things that interest you, work hard with endeavour and enthusiasm. In one of my earlier chapters, I talked about The Sucker Punch and that if it hits you, find a way to recover from it. If The Sucker Punch knocks you out, get up and dive right back into your interests with gusto because success is not a straight road but meandering, rocky one full of surprises and when you reminisce about Ground Zero, make sure the regret of days past are not turned into regret of days present. Normality is a paved road, comfortable to walk on but flowers don’t grow on it, those words from Vincent Van Gogh are wise because to fail to act and wish that you had acted is a symbol of those missing flowers from your road, only by experiencing what lay behind the act, good or bad will those flowers start to grow. You may regret what flowers grow or the lack of particular flowers grow but the fact you had the experience avoids the unfortunately end result of ‘what if’, questioning yourself again and again what if you’d taken the chance and found out for yourself what outcome lay behind sowing the seeds.

Embrace the regret because you will learn from it and make you a better person, don’t stick yourself in a bubble, because you will miss out on so many things that you may not have ever imagined. Regret is like hell and as Winston Churchill would say, if you’re going through hell, keep going. The hell will end but unless you keep going and stop yourself from going into that bubble, the regret will continue and it will continue until you learn to let go of the past. Learn from the lessons and the mistakes you make and however scared you are of the uncertainty, take the plunge because that feeling of ‘what if’ will be tattooed into your mind, again slow burning and hard to forget.

The best way that you should think of regret is regretting nothing at all. Stand tall, proud as a colourful peacock and make your choices in life free from indecision. To be able to do that takes a person of strong character comfortable with themselves and their surroundings. It is not an easy state of mind to get to and I’m sure, to get to that state of mind required you regret something in the past which caused a shift in your morals, beliefs, opinions or personality, an epiphany maybe that put things into perspectives and allowed to you to seal important events to you in the past. Doing that will make you a greater person, allowing you to strive for new targets.

Regret nothing, it’s all experience at the end of the day.

That is all, the words of the Doc have been spoken.

‘Dr. R’.




Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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