You Know The Things About…Vine

Vine, that little app on your phone that literally gives you 6 seconds of fame. Those 6 seconds are precious, you can choose to do whatever your mind desires and bring it to life, either very well, extremely well or so well it turns viral, making the days of millions of people and because Vine is an app that keeps on giving like the abundance of goodies you get when you visit grandma’s house, once the video is done, it repeats itself over and over again so you can sit back and laugh your guts or watch in awe the tricks Vine has up its sleeve. Here are some things you should know if you are budding new Viner.

1) Vining is more difficult than you expect

It’s just talking whilst looking at a camera recording you do things, wrong! Being a Viner is more troublesome than you would imagine, it may seem easy at first but sometimes such videos you come up with require meticulous preparation and just jumping into it just doesn’t work. Plan your ideas beforehand otherwise you end up with a sloppy end product which you’re not happy with and people viewing the end product treating it as good for nothing. To be creative require patience, the best things in life are those that had some sort of thought process before the it came to existence so for you to utilise such creativity, you must find inspiration rather than just force the bloody thing to happen.

2) 6 seconds is not a long period of time

So you have a great(stupid) idea for a Vine and you jump right into it, problem is that you can’t exactly fit everything in. Whatever you do just imagine that your ideas are obese, overweight, bloated monstrosities that needs to be tamed for it is too big to fit through the doors, too heavy to ride a roller-coaster, too fat to control their eating habits, if you want to get the grasp of Vine, put your ideas on a diet so that they slim down for the 6 second limit. If Vine didn’t do this, the floodgates would open and all kinds of whimsical adventures would be spluttered across the app, too eccentric for it to handle.

3) The stranger, the better

If you want attention, you’re going to have to earn that attention and I don’t think talking about the boring day-to-day dealings of your life is exactly going to pull the viewers so I say the more unique you allow yourself to be, the more enjoyable it will be you and for others. Creativity runs wide in the world of Vine, go nuts, go crazy, lose your marbles, find them and lose them again so that your Vines rake in the views. Believe me, at first, when you put together a video you think is strange and makes no sense, don’t get rid of it, style it out to make it into something out of the box and unique. There are people who love strange quirks and in the realm of Vine, quirkiness is rewarded, sometimes to great effect.

4) Don’t expect to get what you want in one take

Perfectionism on Vine is one thing but to be able to get what you at the first attempt is very difficult to do, so much so that if this event happens to you, the achievement unlocked message you get when you’re playing on the Xbox should appear to give you a pat on the back. The truth is as the humans we are we make mistakes. Whether its slurring our words, forgetting the most important part of the story or not getting the timing right for something spectacular, it can be annoying but if you stick with it, your creations will leave you filled with a feeling of satisfaction. Even the best Viners out there make mistakes but they refined their ideas if they had to make their videos work, pragmatism will get you far so maximise it.

5) Please don’t be a RE-Viner

There are other things to do with the app, you can like other people’s videos, you can share them on Facebook and Twitter and you can re-vine them onto your page but that brings an issue I see a lot on Vine. Too many people using other people’s videos on their page without contribution on their part. What are you if you’re doing that? Are you too lazy that you can’t be bothered to make a Vine and post or is the imagination in your brain out of juice, in need of a recharge. Re-vining is alright but you’re not going to be famous by copying other people’s stuff and putting it on your own wall.

Put in work!

As A$AP Ferg would say, put in work!!! If you don’t put in work on Vine, you be trippin’ in life. French Montana, Trinidad James, ScHoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky know the ways of work. Just put in work, nuff said!

7) Don’t pay for your followers, likes or revines!

Just don’t do it, don’t even think about otherwise Chuck Norris will come and slap the shit out of you! Don’t be so shallow and desperate for attention that you follow one of many, many accounts on Vine advertising how they can boost your number of followers, likes and revines. With Vine, fake accounts are everywhere, you run away from one into the grasp of another dozen. You tell them you’re not interested when they follow you and trust me, it will feel as if the accounts regenerate like The Doctor in Doctor Who, accounts regenerating into new ones with different names all with the aim of bombarding you with messages to boost your views, my advice to them is to politely tell them to fuck off. I’m being serious, use exclamation marks and emojis to show them that such bullshit will not be tolerated, laying down the law on their arses!

Vine 101, class is finished, time for recess.


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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