Chapter 17: Back From The Abyss

Dear readers,

Mistakes are a constant presence in life and as humans, something unavoidable. Sunny spell without mistakes will occur but know that at some point, somewhere down the line, they will return. It might have been a minor one or a major one but whatever the significance of them, mistakes can be neutralised.

Mistakes open up opportunities to find redemption which may mean people have chances to prove themselves, righting wrongs and bringing back the feelgood factor back into daily life. Redemption is like an itch trapped inside a mind, rampant and uncontrollable in nature, the desire to make up for unfortunate events is unmissable. However, your conscience must be clear because it is impossible to make up for mistakes that have not been admitted to.

The pain of seeing someone else suffer because of unrest could be the tipping point for change. I guess a tragedy is what it takes before action is taken, the differences between parties at odds with each other are erased or put on truce and the rebuilding process begins, picking up the pieces from the disaster just finished. Tragedies such as wars are a good example of such pain and unrest; civilians are the innocent pawns sacrificed in the bloodthirsty game of chess being played out by fat cat militants drunk on power ripping apart the harmony in normal life just for their own means. Once the dust settles and the perpetrators are caught and punished can the mistakes of allowing the war to happen in the first place be made up for.

The path to redemption signals a second chance, a second attempt, a second effort to succeed in a task, the pain of failing the first time and falling into that dark hole is what tests the character in all of us and only those strongest in mental resilience will bounce back from the disappointment. My struggles are different to yours so ultimately, I cannot get you out of the abyss. The answer as to who will get you out lies with a simply mirror.

Once armed with the answer realise that when you go down like a plane shot out of the sky and fall into that seemingly endless chasm, make sure you rise up like a phoenix, back from the dead and twice as strong as you were before, after all, the scars you bear will remind you of what targets you set aside for yourselves to reach. Redeeming yourselves cleanses the soul and clears the conscience, the weeds that were there before are removed, leaving fresh ground for seeds to be planted and for them to sprout up into wonderful flowers, rewarding your endearvours for sticking to the task to the bitter end.

The dark hole left by wars, conflicts, arguments and many more difficult situations from the outset may seem impossible to recover from but who said life would be easy, you have to struggle otherwise life would be too easy.

‘Dr. R’





Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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