Chapter 19: The Good Times Don’t Last

Dear readers,

So you’re in the middle of a bar during a night out. The DJ is on point, your outfit is on point, your squad is on point and you’re feeling dope as the good times ride through the night. Then maybe off a mate’s house to continue the party vibes and live the night without a care for the world. You get drunk, waved, link with the girl you were eyeing up all night and wake up inside the bathtub trying to work out from the amount of vomit in and around the toilet what the hell happened during the crazy night.

Those are the times where the YOLO switch is firmly switched on where downing shots of Jagerbombs even though you’re well past your limit is totally acceptable, better still if you can find Molly, then you’ll be spending the rest of the night hyped up, surfing your buzz like The Silver Surfer as the pounding bass slowly surrounds you, it rises and it builds and when it finally decides the time to wreck your skull, the bass drop is so hard, you drop-kick the nearest person you can find for no reason. The explosion that erupts from the drop is enough to make the bar look like a scene from the Chernobyl meltdown.

Lord have mercy if you hear any of these:

Pendulum – Tarantula

DVBBS & Tony Junior – Immortal

Skrillex – Make It Bun Dem

Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop

Major Lazer – Jah No Partial (Yellow Claw & Yung Felix Remix)

Swedish House Mafia Vs. Knife Party – Antidote

True Tiger & Big Narstie – Baracuda

Tempa T – Next Hype

However, if you come from the realms of normality, times where common sense got thrown out of the window sadly don’t last. Commitment, routine and the pounding you gave your bank balance mean it’s back to work, grinding through the days until the next paycheck pays a visit. Monday morning crawling out of bed not wanting to get out is one of the most depressing things we humans will ever experience and with memories of happier times in your head, the week ahead look more like an obstacle course than a simple game of hopscotch.

The good times don’t last but neither do the bad times where darkness prevails and it feels like there’s no way out of the nightmare. The bad times will pass and the good times will come back. The two together are like Yin and Yang, the good trapped within the bad and the bad trapped within the good. Both are separate, both are different but both are dependant on each other to survive, you cannot have one without the other and that can be hard to take, no-one wants to be hurt or suffer from bad luck but I’m afraid it’s something we can’t sidestep, it’s going to happen whether we like it or not but think about positively and you’ll realise that all the things you love can’t be sidestepped either.

Be as efficient as a German with your time because time waits for no man, if you want to be up in the lofty heights of success, keep yourselves productive and don’t be afraid of new experiences because those are the times you truly understand your capabilities because in those situations, you’re out of your comfort zone and as you stand there feeling bare and exposed, find that second wind to guide you to success and a well needed pat on the back.

‘Dr. R’.






Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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