Chapter 22: Progression

Dear readers,

I’m not an arrogant person, nor am I egotistical or narcissistic but most of my life, I’ve felt that there’s been something different about me that made me special. I’m not trying to come across as cocky but the fact is I’ve achieved some pretty damn good things in my time on planet Earth, stuff I can look back and be proud of because the time I spent sowing the seeds are paying off. However, we humans beings want to rise up to the upper echelons of development, the next breed in a line of generations, engineered to be bigger and better than our predecessors. We don’t want to downgrade, we want to upgrade, up there in the clear blue skies gliding like a magnificent eagle as it watches over the landscape before arrowing down, aim locked-in towards its prey, swooning in and taking the prey in its clutches before fighting the gravity trying to pull it down and soaring back up in the sky.

Part of my evolution involved the struggles of university life, from the boring lectures, the depressingly difficult modules and the ghastly feeling that I had signed my death warrant when things got on top of me. From this came a rebellious side, an entity to me initially alien but I learned to embrace it and let it be part of who I am. I remember the times I got gassed making my rants while they came to life, fitting the words together to complete metaphoric weapons one after another and bunching them together as my arsenal for assault against whatever and whoever. Initially, I focused my attention on the hardships my studies were giving me but I evolved, I was able to turn my scorn for one specific area against other areas such as people in the media who did things that triggered the emotional sorcery inside my brain and when the spell was ready the burst, I got my pen and I got my paper and I created my masterpieces. I taught myself how to grill people and let me tell you, I grilled so many people, George Foreman would have been impressed. Rare, medium, well done, you name it, I grilled and went hard at it.

I learnt that I could do something that no-one else I knew could do, I learnt that I was a far more creative and expressive person than I thought I was. Channeling all those thoughts and ideas in my head was a challenge and sometimes I got it wrong and certain experiments quickly turned awry but those awry experiments have helped to make me the person I am. My personality over the last two years have developed and changed so much, I feel like I’ve had to reinvent myself to fit into the mould of the new character that first came out of the cocoon, strange to the world it had just entered but with one step at a time, it quickly developed into a character that fully encompasses my favourite motto that the greatest fear in life is not living your life. It’s a motto that I quickly fell in love with and it’s because those days pushing myself to succeed that has led me to be in the position I’m in now.

I was an OG in the rant game and I’m still an OG now even though I haven’t ranted about anything in ages because I know if I was vexed enough, I would lick off someone’s head. Trigger happy then and trigger happy now, I still have the right frame of mind to spray a few bullets or two, there’s always new inspiration floating about with the ingredients to create a devilishly strong batch of ammunition, ready to launch and allowing me to revel in its warped glory. I’ve reinvented myself before and I know the times ahead will mean I will have to do it again. Experience has taught me to be headstrong like the ram, as an Aries, the headstrong way has been my only way, I like to be in control of decisions that affect me. I listen to opinions of others but at the end of the day, my own opinion trumps anyone else’s, I have a mind of own and I intend to use it to the fullest. 

Progession is like momentum, once you have it, you have it, if you don’t then go get it. Stay on the upwards curve because through the jagged edges and lost causes, a sense of purpose and desire should help you to glide like the eagle across the skies.

‘Dr. R’







Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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