Quick Update


So it’s almost 2 weeks since I last posted something up here. Well when you’re a final year law student, trying to sort out what you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life, time is always gonna be limited. I’ve got new backgrounds which are seriously getting better if I say so myself.  I haven’t had time to explore recently so any new shots might be few and far between but I’m sure when I have more time, I’m going to find more places in London to see.

Right now, I’m on my grind, minding my own business and fighting the ongoing battle to avoid idleness. At least when you have the right people around you, things can be a little easier. Life is a bitch and a pain in the ass sometimes but how can it be any different, if it wasn’t so stressful sometimes, you’re not living in reality. To get to where you wanna be, you have to struggle and I intend to struggle so one day I can get out of bed and say I achieved what I set out to do and do it with no regrets.

Rebel against normality, don’t live in fear of not living your lives.


‘Dr. R’


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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