Five Day Black & White Photo Challenge: Day 3

So for day 3, I decided to look at some of my shots from last year and look into how monochrome can change the mood of a photo, for example a photo with colour having a feeling of uplift because of the strong vibrancy of the colours in the photo to a photo with greater drama and clarity when black and white is used to sharp effect.


Take this photo for example, the bright leaves and grass are what draw your attention.

IMG_20141124_122308 (4)
B & W

However, now it’s the sky that’s catching your attention when the same shot is used but with a black and white filter. The trees look more dramatic in black and white too, the black stands out more here than their original brown colour in the first photo.


Here’s another shot, this time in sepia and because of the colour, it feels as if this shot was taken quite a while ago.

Black & White
B & W

But change into black and white, it doesn’t look so old-fashioned. Here, there’s more clarity, you can see the difference between the two shots. In fact, I used these shots in previous post I put up last year called Two Shots, One Picture.


The Notting Hill Carnival last year, a guaranteed time of year full of colour, good vibes, noise and excitement. There’s always something to see.

IMG_20140824_173251 (1)
B & W

Take the colour away though and you have to question whether the vibes, noise and excitement are still as high as before, maybe they might have but maybe they might not have.

Definitely Colour

This guy I saw definitely got into the carnival spirit and when you look at the background, he’s wasn’t the only one. A massive splash of colour everywhere.

IMG_20140824_175759 (3)
B & W


The colour is still here, only in grey though. Many shades of grey here, this guy might have been in a horny mood later in the evening……

B & W Daytime

Finally, using a black and white shot first this time, with a bit of tinkering, you can change the way in which black and white has an effect of your photos. This one here was shot in the daytime.

IMG_20141124_122528 (1)
B & W Evening

However, now it looks like it was shot in the evening. Looks completely different to what it looked like before.

IMG_20141124_122528 (3)

I was feeling creative so decided to edit the original shot again, a mix between the black and white and another filter.

So there we go, monochrome changes the way a photo looks and feels. Three days down, two to go, not sure what I’ll come up with tomorrow. For my nomination, I’ve decided to go for Richard @ Richard’s Notes, I hope you’re up for the challenge.

Spread the black and white love.

‘Dr. R’

Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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