Chapter 31: Days & Nights

Dear readers,

There are times where put simply you can’t have one without the other. No matter how much you adore the former, you cannot possess or enjoy it without the potentially burdensome latter that comes with it, an unwanted piece of baggage that really grinds your gears. The way I see it, there are two situations; first we have The Sun, shining and illuminating in the sky, if you’re lucky, the sky will be cloudless, nothing getting between you being able to enjoy the warmth of its rays in the daytime while you go about your business along with everyone else doing the same thing. Secondly we have The Moon, a focal point on a navy blue canvas decorated with the twinkling of stars and accompanied by an ever-returning silence and stillness as the rumbling of cars, the pitter patter & hustle and bustle of feet pounding along pavements and the noises that you associate with the daytime all go into shutdown whilst the nocturnal nightlife that was in the slumberland wakes up and makes itself into another focal point on the canvas to go with The Moon.

The light of day and the dark of night, two different things but very much tethered to each other. Like a patchwork quilt, these two are woven and stitched together, you can’t have one without the other otherwise there would be no time to sleep, no time to recharge batteries from times of stress or exhaustion nor would the opportunity to leave the slumberland ever exist, the dreamland although idyllic will prove to be a land devoid from reality, to be in a state where you did not have to face up to your worries and troubles seems unlikely, if not impossible. There may be times where you may not want the days to come, there may be times where you may not want the nights to come but luckily there is a cloud with a silver lining to calm to most anxious of minds. Going through the rough days will mean getting to the nights which seem like blessings and vice versa. Going through the suffering of your woes is painful but never endless as sooner or later, those woes will evapourate like hot steam coming out of a boiling kettle and be replaced by joys rewarding your endeavours but know that although the road turns smooth, it’ll turn bumpy again, how long until that happens depends on the circumstances surrounding you.

I suppose people are either day people or night people and each will have their reasons for their decisions. But as the time ticks by, circumstances change, in life, some circumstances break free from their entrenchment and forces one to change the way they think. Before you may have dreaded the nighttime and adored the daytime but what if something happens and all of a sudden, you may not what to get out of bed and wish you could return to the slumberland that you had unfinished business with, that the nights be infinite and stay the darker of the two shades of blue. Keeping the momentum alive to drive your zeel for life is hard, especially as it is the stuff that comes towards us from around the corner that can be especially difficult to cope with. When you’re in form, you feel like no obstacle can get in your way, no banana skin however treacherous can cause you to skid off out of control and cost you first place in a race on Mario Kart, no battle however dangerous or energy-sapping it is is unwinnable and even the tallest of mountains will become dwarfs to your ambition to reach the top. But when your out of form, you feel like you can’t catch the tiniest of breaks, the roses you adored before lose their appeal because of the excess of amount of thorns piercing your fingers, the confidence that came with your aura in days or nights past is replaced by an uncertainty implying a crisis of confidence in the way you walk, no longer is there the swagger or the puffed out chest or that right of entitlement implying that you what everyone to know that you are the man and have earned the right to be called the man.

If you think about it, all these things, woes, rewards, in form, out of form, days, nights, likes, dislikes, they are all options put inside a Las Vegas-esque slot machine, flashing and enticing, very hard to ignore. At times, it really just feels like all you have to do is pull the lever and see what you got, hoping with the right combination of options, you strike it lucky and hit the jackpot. It would be awesome if we could hit the jackpot first time round but to do that would require luck blessed by God himself. In truth, there are still people chasing that dream, pulling the lever again and again but to no avail, the hope that was fresh in the night has melted in the day with the wax being a constant remainder of what could have been. The fire burning before will have been extinguished, the opportunity gone to change one’s fortunes but fortune favours the brave and the ones who keep on going despite being out of form, despite the woes, despite the lack of confidence of luck will eventually get what they deserve and be rewarded. Like what I said, sometimes you can’t have one without the other, you might feel like the break won’t happen but if you try hard enough, you’ll see a beautiful rainbow appear leading you to a pot of gold, this is no illusion, this is no trick, good luck has come to you to remove the misery and make life suddenly feel good again. However, you may want your favourable luck to continue but the truth is at some point in time, it’s going to run dry and the pot of gold you were trying to find will disappear as the leprechaun wants to protect his assets and to do that, he must get rid of the rainbow illuminating the path to it.

Why stop at the slot machines, keeping with the Las Vegas theme, you could try your luck at the roulette table or play blackjack or even test your poker face in the quest to change your fortunes but know that the decisions you make will lead to you either basking in light of day or revelling in the dark of night or maybe you’ll find something else to bask or revel in, the plot thickens!?

‘Dr. R’


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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