Why do you love grime?

Grime is something I feel very passionate about, old skool riddims, new skool riddims, I love grime, what else is there to say.


Why do I love Grime?

Being a fan of UK Music, I get questioned a lot as to why I love Grime. As to be honest, it has just been the sort of music I have been into back when I was in Secondary School. I remember all my friends used to ask me ‘what is this?’, ‘it’s so boring’ etc. My response and view point was completely different.

My first love for Grime initially began when Lethal Bizzle dropped his song Pow, 2004. That beat was just a different vibe compared to the other songs that were released at the time such as Usher – Yeah. Another favourite artist was Wiley, having released his album Playtime Is Over. I remember rushing straight from school (when I was in Year 8), putting my headphones in and listening to Wiley as soon as I was home. My favourite song back then…

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Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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