Chapter 20: The Night-time In Palermo

Dear readers,

Wits, composure, gut instinct & nerves of steel are the ingredients to success. The success you ask that I am talking about, well allow me to elaborate.

Throughout your lifetimes, you will meet a manor of people, all different when it comes to personality, likes, dislikes and so on but really when you think about it, life is basically just a game of called Mafia being played out where people are stabbed to death in the middle of the night and you have to work out exactly who are the traitors and who are the innocent. Put simply, the blood shed is the work of the mafia who in this game, it is their aim to not only take out targets without remorse but to do it without drawing attention to themselves, framing other people if they have to.

There are two main players, the civilians and the mafia. Civilians try to catch the mafia before they kill everyone else. Beating the mafia is far from easy because their identities for the most part are unknown, only through acquisitions and well-placed judgment can you find them and kill them before they kill you. There is a third type of character in this fiendish game; they are snitches, lone rangers who will be the angels protecting the backs of the civilians and the ones who could scupper the plans for the mafia. The snitches have some of the pieces to the bloody puzzle but for them to protect themselves, they must not draw attention to themselves; if they are too zealous in their attempts to get rid of the killers, the killers will turn their wrath of them and any sort of help the civilians had vanish.

The question is when the cards are dealt and the nighttime rolls in, what role will you be assigned? The kings represent the killers, one red and one black. The ace signifies who the snitch is and the non-face cards mean you’re a civilian, a vulnerable sheep in danger of being slaughtered. As I mentioned, one killer bears red and the other black because the red killer has blood on his hands and enough of it for the snitch to know their identity while the black killer has masked his identity so well that he remains undetected, he remains unknown so taking him out is crucial.

This game requires a clear head, the ability to think ahead and the strongest of poker faces. Make no mistake, the game will continue until either the murderers are taken out or the snitch and civilians go down into their graves. Strategy is important because this game requires you to find the middle ground, overzealous acquisitions will lead to your demise but staying too quiet and too reserved puts you in danger too. Also, blood has to be shed so only the wisest will survive until the end, befriend your fellow players but also be prepared to betray them in order to stay alive, if you happen to be a civilian and get taken out, your voices will not be heard from the afterlife, the knowledge you acquired whilst in play stays with you so I advise you to speak out and share that knowledge as it will only make the game more thrilling and jack up the suspense.

Study the game-play as you go along for it is survival of the fittest. In this game, the predators are tenacious in their attempts to feed off the prey. Wits, guts, gut instinct and nerves of steel are the ingredients to your success, the way out of the hell the predators created so when you think about, the mafia walks amongst you in daily life and you don’t know who they are. It’s scary to think how helpless we are to the backstabbers who lie in wait for us to make a mistake, a bad move so that they can take us out. Every time the night-time draws in, the mischievous acts begin and when morning breaks, the acts end for you pick up the pieces and solve the puzzle of a problem that got created the night before. Trust me, picking up the pieces may seem harder than beating the game in the first place as they are side plots guaranteed to appear that might take you away from the main aim.

I have never been to Palermo but the nights there must be horrid if you’re up at night worrying that you’re not going to see the morning ever again. The plots the backstabbers have against us to bring our downfall are unnerving, making you question what sorcery conjured up such sick thoughts in those who are either strangers to you or those you thought you could trust. The playing field of Palermo, the field for the game of Mafia is one we all walk but in the dog eat dog world we live in, friendships can be thrown aside and the thought of survival against the madmen single-handedly keeps the fire burning in our souls. Always remember to stay in the game at all costs.

Dr. R


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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