Chapter 28: The Chancellor’s Foot

Dear readers,

“The Chancellor’s Foot?” “What the hell is that?” “What does that mean?” “What’s so special about this foot?” “Weird title!”

If any of above doesn’t apply to you, I guess you’ll know how to critically discuss how equity is as long as the Chancellor’s foot so won’t need to read the rest of this because you already all the answers. But for those whom above does apply, read on.

Earlier in my academic year, I finished what ended being one of the toughest assignments of my uni life. It was a task that drained me to point I blacked out but this wasn’t any sort of power cut that I’d experienced before. I felt like I was trapped inside a dark maze with no light anywhere with little idea how the escape. This maze didn’t just test my academically, it tested me mentally and physically as well, hence why I felt so drained. By the end of it all, I just wanted to sleep, to shut down, lock out my other worries because I’d run myself into a brick wall covered in barbed wire trying to complete this damned assignment.

My mind had been pricked all over, the barbs left nowhere unscathed, I wondered why I was suffering so much but then it hit me. I thought that the maze would be my only problem but as that was just the first test to pass before I could say that I was done. You see after I managed to get out of the maze, confused and desperate for some respite, I then had to go through the inconvenience of finding a needle in a haystack. After that, I thought I was done but I was wrong again when I laid my eyes on the assault course that suddenly popped out from nowhere, I was tired, I was fed-up but determined to not fail, I battled through the traps, pitfalls, curve-balls and sorcery, yes I said sorcery because some of the stuff I saw I’m convinced is not from Planet Earth thus making me even more proud of myself for determinedly crossing the finish line despite the growing fatigue, despite the dwindling time and despite the copious rounds of ammunition that gunned me down, one mag after another, I got through it, dodging the bullets that whistled past me throughout.

So now I sit back after the experience and I can say that I conquered the beast that I thought could not be tamed. Giving me a sense of well-being, knowing if I can tame that beast, I can tame any beast. I survived an almighty barrage of words that seemed never-ending and hopelessly merciless but I didn’t keel over in defeat, I did the complete opposite. It just goes to show that no matter how much adversity stands in your way to reach your goals, you have to fight and fight hard, rewind what I just said, you have to fight so hard it feels like you’re a bloke trying to win a domestic argument with your missus, that has to be one of the hardest fights in existence because if even if you’re facts are on point and you don’t actually do anything wrong, she’ll still find a way to prove her point, regardless of whether it makes any sense or not, ladies you don’t know how lucky you can be sometimes.

I still have more beasts to tame this year, more ammo fire to avoid, more needles to find and more mazes to escape from but even when I feel like I’m having another power cut, I’ll still have to march on because if I don’t do it, no-one else will.

‘Dr. R’


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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