Chapter 6: Pagans & Sidemen

Dear readers,

In life, there are people who you let inside of your inner circle, those are the people you trust, people you respect, people you care for but those same sentiments are not shared by all those in your inner circle. It seems an inevitability that there will be pagans and sidemen in your life, people moving like Randall from Recess, stabbing you in the back when you treated them like a brother. Sheep will flock aplenty when times are good but when someone else basks in light brighter than yours, they disappear like The Sun under the horizon.

Ignore the pagans, those who praise you in your presence but taint your name when you are not there. These people have false intentions when they get near you. These are the leeches amongst us humans as they suck away the positivity in life and replace it with stress. Ignore the sidemen too who in times of celebration are there by your side but when the going gets tough, like ghosts they disappear to leave you to stand alone to fight your problems alone and instead find someone doing better than you to stand beside. The false and shallow hearts they possess are to be avoided but that’s easier said than done.

Continue on your path to success, pagans and sidemen are there as obstacles, avoid them and you will feel the warmth of satisfaction when you enjoy your successes. Don’t let too many get close to you, on the outside, pagans and sidemen look as innocent as cubs but turn into ferocious lions, fully grown with plenty of bite.

There is a purpose about this experience, a purpose that will stay with you with a lasting impact, maybe for some, this purpose cuts right to the heart, igniting the memories inside your brains and perhaps evoking a change of the mindset. Maybe you’re ill in the mind, sick of the visions inside your head of things going downhill over and over again but as you rollercoaster your way through life’s ups and downs, with through experience, maturity mixed with a hint of instinct and traces of uncertainty, you can get through the ups and downs without having to throw up.

Pagans and sidemen will be unavoidable during the ups and the downs, whether they get close or not is down to fate. But if they do get close, keep your chin up and continue on your grind. Cast out negativity and replace it with positivity. Pick your friends well for it is much better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.

‘Dr. R’



Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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