The Liebster Award


I’m browsing WordPress, liking posts, as you do when I set my eyes on a post by Alex @ Whitecaps to do with the Liebster Award. If you don’t know what the Liebster Award is, it’s basically a way for bloggers to recognise the efforts of other bloggers. It’s a way of networking with other bloggers and letting your audiences get to know you that bit more by answering questions set by the blogger who nominated you for the award.

The rules are as stated:

1) Thank the person who nominated you.

2) Display the award.

3) Nominate 10 more bloggers with 10 new questions.

4) Answer the questions that the nominator made.

5) Notify the nominees.

As I was reading Alex’s post, it said that anyone who reads it was nominated so naturally, as a person who enjoys a challenge, I decided to give it a go and answer Alex’s questions.

1) What album do you listen to when you feel down?

I’m a grime fan and for me, there’s not one single album I’d listen to if I was feeling down. Instead, I’d listen to music from a number of different MCs. I’d listen to a lot of Major Lazer and Flux Pavilion too.

2) If you were to receive a gift on Valentine’s Day, would you rather receive flowers or chocolate, and why?

Chocolate, no second thoughts about it. Flowers look pretty but that beauty fades so chocolate is the easy option.

3) When you find out that a guy with whom you’re good friends with likes you, what would you do? Here’s the situation: He liked you since you guys met, even up to now (you only found out about it recently), and you liked him a little after you guys met but you didn’t think there would be a chance so you brushed it off and liked other guys. What would you do?

Errrrrrrr? Not sure I can answer this question, in fact, I’ll rephrase this, not sure I should answer this question. Not been in this situation before so I can’t really say anything. What I will say though, if he’s interested, check your Twitter because there’s a chance he would have made an effort to slide into your DMs. If he hasn’t, he’s still probably mustering the courage to come out with how he feels, after all, it’s easy to get into the friendzone but to get out again is like trying to find your way out of a labyrinth, just when you think you’re nearly out, shit hits the fan and you’re back at square one.

4) Lays or Pringles, and why?

Pringles, you can make a circle stack with them, nuff said.

circle-of-life5) When was the last time that you had lost control over your body? Nothing specific, just answer how you understand the question.

It would have to be during my final year in university, during revision season. Revising for so many exams as well as finishing coursework was the most stressful period of my academic life and it really took its toll on my body and my mind. My body was drained, my mind was weak, I didn’t feel normal again for quite some time afterwards. An overwhelming experience I would not want to go through again.

6) Which one do you follow more, your heart or your mind, and why?

My mind, don’t really like letting my emotions plague my decisions. The best choice to make should be the one that earns merit the most, the most logical decision. That said, the most logical choices aren’t always the best ones, the spontaneous ones that seem to have been crafted out of nothing but farcical thinking can sometimes lead to more enjoyment than the straight and narrow, nitty-gritty choices.

7) What do you do before your exams? (Yeah, it’s our exam week now and I’m just curious about the routine you guys do whenever it’s the week before the exams)

Pray for all of it to end, pray for mercy, pray that God spares my life because I’m scared shitless. Pray that I can pass all my exams, pray I’ll be able to think straight after taking the exams, pray that the answers I gave are similar to the answers my friends gave who also sat the exams I did. Pray that the Devil won’t get his hands on the exams and set questions designed to mindfuck the shit out of you, pray that I am as prepared as I can possibly be and pray for forgiveness because I definitely know I’m not prepared because instead of studying early, I procrastinated and left it all until the last minute to get my act together.

8) What’s one negative thing about you?

I don’t ask for help enough. I’d say I’m an independent person but that doesn’t mean I’m Superman. Time and time again, I struggle to achieve something when I could get there quicker with less effort if I simply asked for a helping hand but as an Aries, I’m too headstrong and stubborn to ask for help in the first place.

9) What’s one positive thing about you?

Ironic but I love to help people, I love to feel useful, I loathe to feel like a liability. I know how to be a team-player so having the same collective goal as everyone else in a team is good because I know if I have their back, they’ll have mine.

10) What do you think of death?

Inevitable. It’s coming, day-by-day, it’s creeping up on us all but I don’t think about it. I try to life my life not thinking about death calling because life is simply too short and time waits for no man. The experiences I’ve had in the 21 years of life I’ve had on Earth cannot be taken for me and I intend to write more stories for my scrapbook so latter on when I’m grey and old, I can think about all my experiences and have a smile on my face knowing my time on Earth was a happy occasion.

Thanks to Alex for the nomination (well really obligation, I wasn’t nominated per se). Here are my questions:

1) What made you get into blogging?

2) What’s your favourite season?

3) If you could describe yourself in three words, which words would you pick?

4) What’s your favourite quote/saying?

5) Nike or Adidas?

6) Where would be your dream place to live?

7) If you were a dictator, what laws would you make?

8) Do you have any regrets in life?

9) Why did the chicken cross the road?

10) What’s more painful, childbirth or getting kicked in the balls?

Here are the people I’ve decided to nominate.

Opinionated ManThe Blonde WriterA Leap Of FaithMotivation For Today’s RealityFictional KevinThe Ninth LifeAnnas ArtHummingsWilliam Chasterson & Sacha Black

If you know any of the people I’ve nominated, let them know they’ve been nominated for the award.

Dr. R

Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

8 thoughts on “The Liebster Award”

  1. Thank you kindly for nominating my blog for this award. I was just now getting the link to you site to nominate your blog. BE ON THE LOOKOUT! lol. I will answer your questions either sometime late, late, late tonight or first thing tomorrow. I am now finishing up for another blogger who had nominated me. This is what makes my day and builds this strong community!

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