Chapter 35: Pandora’s Box

Dear readers,

When it comes to curiosity, it’s fine if you have the right intentions but as the cat will tell you, curiosity can be a killer. In fact not only can it be a killer, it can have grave consequences attached. Ask yourself, are you really sure you desire to know what is hidden from the world? The temptation and the attractiveness of the unknown can lead to the deepest and darkest evils being brought into the light of day and unfortunately, without the ability to go back in time, you cannot go back to rewind your decisions, how would you be able to undo your mistakes if the Z button was missing, command over your destiny would be out of your control.

Curiosity exists because one wants to gain knowledge and perhaps to the means of empowering oneself, hence why as the saying goes, “knowledge is power”. But if knowledge is power, what does that mean? Is the person who wields knowledge powerful or is the knowledge itself powerful, meaning it needs to be placed in the right hands to stop the power from being corrupted? Or maybe the power is already corrupted and it overcomes knowledge, maybe it overwhelms it and because of that, the corruption the power has must be locked away from prying eyes. I guess Zeus took all of this into consideration, with the fire burning inside him raging from the theft of Prometheus, he set out to use power to punish knowledge, to punish curiosity and more importantly, to teach a lesson that sometimes, there’s some knowledge that you simply don’t need because it’s too dangerous to be out in the open.

Heed the warnings that may come your way also, they may tell of a story that would be disastrous should it lose its fictional qualities. Hindsight is a blessing because it reveals the chain of events that would have been based from your initial decisions, if you made wise decisions, hindsight would reveal to you the warnings you heeded or the dangers you avoided but if you were foolish, hindsight would show the warnings you ignored and the dangers you ran into. But as I say this, I realise that this whole notion of hindsight and warnings is completely theoretical. I forget that destiny can intervene either to deny the wise choices of their vindication or grant second chances to the foolish to try to stop them from making the same mistakes again.

Once the cat is out of the bag, there’s no way it will go back inside again and if it’s a cat belonging to Zeus, it will run amok, leaving a trail of chaos behind it and spreading havoc whenever it goes and all because Pandora’s prying eyes were too big for her own good. She thought she would see treasure inside the box, things of great worth and things as beautiful as butterflies. However, she also knew what Zeus had told her that despite being given the box as a gift, she must never open it. At first, she obliged to the wishes of Zeus but as time when on, her thirst for knowledge of what was inside of the box increased, curiosity turned into desperation, she had to know what was inside. But once she opened the box, there was no turning back, the knowledge she sought for turned out to be her downfall as the beautiful butterflies that fluttered inside Pandora’s mind came into reality but in the form of ravenous moths, mercilessly biting Pandora and spreading Zeus’s contempt for the humans he was trying to punish. The end result here, a foolish decision followed by a bad chain of events with hindsight revealing to her that she should never have opened the box with destiny not stepping in to protect humans from the wrath of the gods.

There are many boxes that need opening but there are also many boxes that are better to keep closed but as all humans are different, everyone will have a different opinion as to which boxes are unlocked or not. John Kramer a.k.a. The Jigsaw Killer would probably get a kick out of this dilemma, testing those unworthy of life to decide which ones to open or keep closed in some devious, twisted game worthy of the SAW movie series, life and death teetering on a bloody see-saw, squeaking while it scratches your ear drums, bobbing from one side to the other and when the game is up, the choice between life and death will have been made. Will a person have opened the rights boxes, finding the missing jigsaw pieces to themselves or will they open the wrong boxes, failing to gather the pieces in time and fall from this world, a 50-50 conundrum with a frightening lot on the line.

Dr. R


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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