Skepta – Private Caller

Last week, this year’s MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) awards revealed their nominations list for the awards ceremony which will be held in Leeds on the 4th of November. A whole variety of awards are up for grabs on the night including best newcomer, best video, best male act and best female act. For some, they could be set for a very good awards evening after picking up multiple nominations for various awards.

For Boy Better Know frontman Skepta, he’s up for a hat-trick of nominations, best song, best male act and best grime act. For one of the founding members of Boy Better Know and one of the most influential grime acts in the UK, Skepta has come a long way and yet the adventure continues with his forthcoming album, “Konnichiwa” to be released later this year. But what stands to me about Skepta is how he’s managed to spread the genre outside of the UK with men like Drake and Kanye West paying their respects to a guy responsible for producing anthems in grime. It’s got to a point now where any track with his name on it instantly brings about more attention for the public, he is at the forefront in terms of racking in new fans with Shutdown, the track that earned his nomination for best song one of many songs responsible for cementing his place as one of the best MCs in the business.

But for all MCs, they have to have a beginning and for Skepta, it was Private Caller, his first video which put him and the map and from there he hasn’t looked back.


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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