Chapter 38: Thoughts

Dear readers,

I think often. I do it sometimes without realising I’m doing it. I think to keep my sanity & because my mind never seems to cease from being active.

Thoughts are always on my mind. Whilst one comes and goes, another one comes in to take its place and when it passes away, in comes another one to take its place also, a never ending cycle. With the way I am, it’s impossible to stop myself from doing it, the things that pop up from nothing and plant themselves inside my head are always keeping my mind busy, always keeping my mind company. My mind will never be lonely as long as the creative vibes I find myself submerged in don’t shrivel up like a dry river, deprived of even the smallest trickles of water.

In times of stress, my thoughts are overwhelming and scary. In times of elation, they become warm and cheerful. In times of sadness, they turn solemn and melancholy. My thoughts are constantly flowing, constantly changing because no two days are the same, every day bringing its own unique challenges. Sometimes, my thoughts are my best friends, calming, assuring, voices of reasons to listen to. It seems weird saying that but it’s true, I’ve relied on them on many an occasion to get out of sticky situations. They keep me from going insane, I’m not afraid to admit that, without my thoughts, the only things flowing through my head would be demons from days past, retelling stories of regret, missed chances, stupid decisions and more, at least with my thoughts, I can put the past behind me and leave me to plan for the future.

With everything that’s been going on in the world recently, I have been thinking more than I usually do. Life is precious, one minute you can be having the time of your life but the very next minute could bring about a grim end with the blood of the dead being a sign that us humans are not invincible. With what’s being going on France, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali it’s hard not to think, hard not to switch off. The images of suffering, horror, disbelief, anguish, pain have touched many people and with them, many thoughts must have passed through their minds as they have with me. Why so much on the mind? It’s because something major has happened affecting millions of people, the atrocities that have happened make it impossible for our thoughts to ignore them.

Life’s cruel. It’s not fair. Dreaming of a better world though and suddenly all the imperfections that exist can be wiped out. Maybe life’s not really that bad when I think like that.

Dr. R



Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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