Chapter 39: Behind Closed Doors

Dear readers,

With the rise of social media, it’s become increasingly easier to share your thoughts, words, likes, dislikes, fascinations, opinions, pictures, the list goes on with the rest of the world. I look at some of the pictures I see on Instagram or the tweets I see on Twitter or even the posts I see here on WordPress and I sometimes think “Wow, life’s really treating you well.”

The fancy cars, the beautiful girls, the handsome guys, the expensive watch with the dazzling jewellery, the perfect looking families with the holidays that look out of this world, the food that makes you drool when you gaze at it, the awe-inspiring experiences that make you feel envy because you want to be the one enjoying those moments. I could ramble on and on but I’m not because I’ve learned that sometimes, some people make the most amazing looking posts or upload pictures that look dope because it’s a way of escaping their reality, a reality that doesn’t match the reality that their content is trying to portray.

The way I see it, no-one knows what’s really going on behind the post or behind the tweet or behind the picture or behind the status. You might see a picturesque, landscape shot that looks epic but would it look as epic to look at without the filter over it and what’s going on outside of the shot, maybe the shot looks nice because it’s focusing on the only part of the landscape that’s actually decent enough to take a picture of, the rest of the landscape might look like a barren wasteland and the shot’s trying to avoid that.

You might see a post on social media that’s seems harmless at first but in fact, it’s a cry for help, a cry from someone in need that their perfect looking life is in fact a facade, the cracks are starting to show but it takes someone with the eyes of a eagle to notice them. It’s kinda scary to think how gullible we could be to think that the lives of others are more worthwhile than our own just because of a few fancy pictures and paragraph after paragraph of narcissistic drivel, each one materialistic in form but each with a soul that is shallow and empty.

What’s the point of blagging about your fancy car and expensive watch if you can’t pay the bills or put food on the table for yourself or your family to eat. What’s the point of telling the world how attractive your other half is when your relationship is hideous. What’s the point of taking a picture of your food and uploading it on Instagram when it’s about the same size of a pea and costs your entire monthly wages. What’s the point of being envious when you have nothing to be envious about in the first place. What’s the point of making yourself sad that you don’t have the big things in life and fail to appreciate the little that you have.

Some people will do anything just to have some attention, they’re so far up their own asses that they can’t see how shallow they look no matter how much stuff they have. At the end of the day, not everyone knows what goes on behind closed doors, don’t believe everything you see on social media is as innocent or as rosy as it seems.

Dr. R



Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 39: Behind Closed Doors”

  1. He dr r – I think you have a counselor side that will serve u well with your law!

    And you know – as I read your thoughtful comment – I think there are so many sides to the content people post / I have seen many jokes about it actually – especially Facebook ones like if my life was only as good as I my Facebook says it is-
    But it really is is a layered topic cos many times it is ego – self promotion – or a facade and the things you note – but sometimes I think it is social graces and smoothness somehow at the base of what gets chosen – I am all for transparent. Living – big time – but seems to take so much balance and discretion and so I think sometimes what folks post are highlights because that is fun and worth sharing – but again – not always – and having been privy to many folks real lives – well we know that many times there is I congruence with what is depicted and what is real- hm –

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    1. It’s easy to say you’re all for transparency but it’s difficult sometimes when there are different messages being portrayed by content. No matter how sincere you are, that cannot be said of the rest of the people using social media.

      Ego & self-promotion are huge in order to create an image of happiness & greatness in one’s life. A lot of the time it’s completely true but like I said, you can’t believe everything you see. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, especially as long as this one is.


      1. Well I fully agree with what you said – and your comment actually reminds me of a post I almost did last year -I ran out of time but it relates a bit – want to hear the quick version?
        We pass this junk yard sometimes on certain errands – but never paid attention to it – until the year they redid their fence – and oh my gosh the mess of seeing the cars – jUnk – debris – and the week the fence was down was actually a distraction and loud and “all out there” and when the fence went back up we were glad they had a solid fence to cover that visual clutter – and sometimes I think it is a gift to not see everyone’s junk – and I guess my analogy is that maybe social media and revisit social stuff needs a certain amount of these barriers in palace for grace and smoothness – like maybe a time and place for certain baring it all – oh I really think it is layered s d not so balcony and white – and I guess this well written post reminded me of that – and one of my pet peeves are those who think they have all this transparency but do not – so many folks have their own reality and because they do nothing others in more – they cannot have accountability or anyone speaking truth to help- and our culture sure is not always a supportive one and so many times those that want to drop their guard – bare more and whatnot – well they get chewed up or ridiculed – so it takes discretion – timing and wisdom – which i know is not really your point Being made – it is just the trail this topic sends me down – ahhhhhhb
        Have a good day dr. R ❤️🎄

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  2. Synchronicity of thought here – a friend was just commenting to me that she views what she sees on others’ social media postings with a jaded eye….the reporter in her wonders what’s really going on in that house. My experience is that I see a balance of posts from my BFBFs (Best Facebook Friends), who share their sorrows along with their joys, their good news and bad, and celebrate the success of others or offer words of encouragement, so there’s a balance. I’m not so naive that I don’t believe there are plenty of self-absorbed phonies out there….they entertain me in a different way. Nice to meet you Dr. R.

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  3. I 100% agree. I actually believe if we share some of the seemingly negative moments of our lives, we would connect much better on social media through empathy and compassion. However, this whole phenomenon is not really surprising. Even before social media, people were always wearing a mask for social interactions. When someone asked, “How are you?” Most people will say fine, okay, good or some other vague overused descriptive word even if on their face, it is shouting unhappy, depressed or angry. With social media, it can be even worse cause the facade can be played up so much greater and that is the downside to social media. Meanwhile, the upside are posts like this that encourages people to be grateful for what they have and not be consumed with other people’s facades. So thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading this. Look forward to reading more in the future! 🙂

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