Shellerz 2015 (Part 2)

Here’s part two of Shellerz.

Sir Spyro – Side By Side (feat. Big H, Bossman Birdie & Prez T)

As I always say, producers in grime are the real MVPs because without them, the scene wouldn’t be banging as it is now. Sir Spyro is one of the top dons in the world of producing for grime and on his Mizuno beat, Bloodline representatives Big H, Bossman Birdie & Prez T do their thing while the video for this song for me is my favourite of 2015.

Skepta – Shutdown

Arguably grime’s official spokesman for 2015, Skepta has set the scene alight this year and it’s what he’s being doing in front of the mic that has made the biggest impact this year, it’s what he’s done away from the mic. Networking with the likes of Drake, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West this year, Skepta has made big strides in his career. Shutdown played a huge part in his success this year, it really sums up the vibe grime’s coming of age has had this year.

Novelist – Endz

From one of the main men in the present to someone who I think will be a main man for the future. Novelist is definitely one to look at next year, someone who really respects the old era of grime and trying to implement it for the present generation. Endz definitely has that old school feel to it, even the video looks old school, back in the days of the VCR, Sky+ didn’t exist back then.

I couldn’t put a playlist about grime together without The Godfather. His status as a grime don enhanced this year after receiving a Paving The Way award from the MOBOs and getting a plaque dedicated to him outside of his secondary school. As for his #8 EP, it shows Wiley still has gas in the tank, while the younger MCs having been making waves, he’s made sure he hasn’t gone underneath them. Wiley is wicked MC, perhaps the wickedest of them all.

Newham Generals – Frontline (feat. Monkstar)

The best duo in the grime, hands down, Newham Generals rep Newham and rep it well. D Double E & Footsie back to back on a set is about as wavey as the way Jamie Vardy & Riyad Mahrez have been playing for Leicester City this season. With former General, Monkstar on board, the Generals touch up a classic, their original Frontline track from 2006. This 2015 edition ain’t too shabby.

Mic Ty – Knewham

Another East Londoner, the influence from there is strong in grime, always has, always will. Mic Ty is part of the new wave of MCs coming through. With Plastician on the buttons, Knewham shows that Mic Ty (Ty, not Tyrone) is about this life. Lock up your wives!

Big Zuu – Trying

From East London to West London now, another talented MC that made noise this year. Everyone loves a trier & Big Zuu’s been putting in the work, his joint project with Mic Ty (Mic Ty x Big Zuu) was when I really started to pay attention him. On set, Zuu might be young in years but sounds like a he’s been barring for years.

Jammz – Warrior

A lyrical skeng, a master of barring, no hooks, no breaks, just bar upon bar upon bar, all those things are stuff associated with Jammz. This guys spits crud on a regular, nothing but the purest fire comes out of this guy’s mouth. Jammz is levels alright and next year, I see him reaching even higher levels, the levels of a Warrior & just like Novelist, not only can he MC, he can make wavey beats too, a double threat.

Capo Lee – Liff

Capo Lee is another one of the mandem making waves. It feels like I’m saying the same stuff over and over again but if these guys are this good now, imagine what they’ll be like next year. For Capo, Liff is the tune that has put him in the spotlight, with Mystry (responsible for Pulse 8, the instrument that got grime popping in 2015) on production, Liff is merky and flow-wise, Capo has that nailed down. The future’s bright in grime.

Going to Birmingham now, Dapz On The Map responsible for this. Not exactly family friendly when the hook on this involves Dapz’s daughter singing Murdah but I can’t lie, that don’t matter in the slightest, content-wise, Dapz is on point as well as On The Map. It’s easy to forget that grime isn’t just a London thing, it’s a UK thing, part of the urban culture that’s growing, gaining acceptance but importantly, allowing artists to express themselves towards an ever expanding audience.

Keep your eyes peeled for part three, the final part of Shellerz.


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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