Grimey Mondays #4

Another month, another round-up. Before I start, just want to say there’s no spotlight feature included in this write-up. The feature I’m doing in particular will come out on its own and it’ll be up on here soon. Anyways, here’s what made it into Grimey Mondays this time around.

Wot Do U Call It Documentary (2003)

Starting off with going into the archives and doing something a bit different. Grime’s been through a lot, something most people will agree with. Personalities within the game have changed and perceptions of them have evolved and altered with the genre over the years. With things as prosperous as they are now, it’s important not to forget about the roots, where this whole culture started from and in this 2003 short-documentary which aired on Channel 4, we see the scene at its rawest.

Flashes from the past appear here and while the trends and struggles back then may have been different, it’s clear that the unmistakable energy that holds the genre together now emanated back to ’03 times when the energy due to the sheer novelty of it was even greater. Back then, it felt like the streets told more candid and gritty stories, before gentrification hit London’s more run down areas. The songs from this era were angry, uncompromising, ferocious in their tenacity, they were less diluted and more likely to fling a jab towards your head than the songs now; in a era when social media was a myth and pirate radio transmissions had whole blocks keeping an ear out, the music that filled the streets then was a whole new experience, something no-one at the time could work out what it was. Hence the famous name for the documentary. If not for the roots, how would the trees come to being and bare fruit.




Hailing from The Netherlands, grime DJ & producer JLSXND7RS has released his newest EP called ‘S.N.M’ on the Lowriders label which is out now. The Dutchman who is a specialist at making the sort of dark, grimey sounds that make you question your sanity (go pree his SoundCloud if you think I’m joking) has given us an extra incentive to cop the EP in the shape of 12 inch gold vinyl that would brighten up the collection of any vinyl-head.


The EP consists of four tracks, two of them featuring the vocals of Nico Lindsay while two of them are also remixed by producer Trends who puts his usual bass-laden, hellfire twist to it. JLSXND7Rs even had a special release party held in Rotterdam on the 19th November to celebrate the EP. The vinyl release can be purchased courtesy of White Peach Records while the digital release in available via Juno. Click on the links to go and listen to the tracks.

Blay – The Vision EP


From one producer to another, ‘The Vision’ is the mammoth-sized instrumental project courtesy of Blay. With such an array of different tones and feelings among all 15 tracks that make up this EP on the Lit City Trax label, it’s a testament to Blay that he’s managed to put such an expansive and impressive EP together. ‘The Vision’ is an EP that combines experimentation aplenty throughout all the tracks used, I don’t think there’s a single track on here that lets the EP down. With Blay’s vision influenced from the sounds of grime, trap, rap, even old-school console games, the variety in the productions in this EP is clear to hear. The EP’s out now on iTunes & all good digital vendors.

DJ Argue In The Mix For RWD Magazine


The featured mix this month comes in from Radar Radio‘s DJ Argue as he’s put together a dubs bonanza of a mix for RWD Magazine. The DJ also does an interview for them talking about his highlights from 2016 as talking about the parallels between DJing on radio and on sets. Click the image above to find the interview in full as well as Argue’s mix.

Leicester vs. Derby – Red Bull Studios’ Grime-A-Side Final

8 cities. 4 quarter-finals. 2 semi-finals. However, it all came down to the final clash though as Leicester and Derby, the last two cities still left in the tournament clashed in the live final of the Red Bull Studios’ Grime-A-Side. Check out the final below first to find out which of the two cities came out on top and then click on the link below the video to catch-up on the other clashes that have already taken place.

Massappeals X Snowy – Do’s/Dont’s

Nottingham MC Snowy aka Lord Skatsavelli’s been busy year. From dropping both the ‘Knots’ and ‘Durt’ EPs to featuring on Eyez’s ‘Mind The Gap Anthem’, Sticky Blood’s ‘Garn Again’ and featuring on freestyles for Risky Roadz and JDZmedia. Now Snowy teams up with producer Massappeals to make the song ‘Do’s/Dont’s’ which is accompanied by what has to be one of the most trippiest videos of the year. Prepare to have your minds blown watching it! The song features as part of Massappeals’ new EP called ‘Hater Behaviour‘, pree da ting!

Teddy Music – Get Like This Remix (feat. Mercston, Ears & Capo Lee)

Earlier this year, Teddy Music (or Silencer as some will know him as) brought plenty of aggression and hunger when he dropped ‘Get Like This’ featuring P Money. Well now he’s back again with a remix bringing attitude in abundance with help from a few MCs. With Mercston, Ears (with a rather dapper looking moustache I must say) and Capo Lee laying down bars alongside Teddy, he’s sounding like this ain’t gonna be the last this time you hear him spit bars, Silencer’s on job.

Kwam X Trends – Rally EP


Tennis and grime aren’t exactly what you would call a conventional pairing but for MC Kwam who happens to be a tennis coach, he loves nothing more than to win the game, set & match, regardless of whether he’s on a tennis court on inside a studio spitting bars. With him consistently shelling down radio this year, it seemed inevitable an EP would soon come and it has. With the production skills of Trends for the EP, ‘Rally’ is the newest release on the Mean Streets label, expect plenty of tennis inspired bars as well as the thumping bass sounds that define Trends’ sound. The EP’s out on Juno now so go listen to it.

Greg & Ed – Feed Em Freedom


Something a little different, not necessary grimey but this has a good vibe, the sort of vibe that makes you just wanna put on a pair of fluffy slippers, slouch on a sofa, roll up a spliff or two and just cotch in your yard. Astral Black are an independent record label, one of a few labels that have caught my eye this year. They also have a monthly slot on Radar Radio, host club nights in Glasgow and London and they’ve got an impressive roster of DJs and producers on board too.

This new release off the label features the beats and bars of the simply named Greg & Ed respectively, 4 tracks with vocal and non-vocal versions with elements of hip-hop, rap and grime about them. I have to say, a release as emotive and as abstract as this may not immediately hit you straight away but rinse it for a little while and you’ll learn to appreciate the artistry at work both in the vocals and the instrumentals. ‘Feed Em Freedom’ is available to buy on Bandcamp.


Oil Gang New Releases

What a strong finish to the year by Oil Gang and with Christmas not far now, filling up your stockings with their new releases wouldn’t be a bad idea.

First of all, this month saw the release of both the 013 and 014 imprints on the label. 013 is a two-part EP by legendary DJ and producer Spooky, a man who knows his way round a rave or two. ‘Fiesta’ & ‘Cherry’ are the perfect sort of beats to play at a club, reloads aplenty will be drawn for using them.

014‘s a more serious affair though, it’s an EP that sees the combination of Spooky with another legend in the game in the form of Boylan. ‘Low Rider’ & ‘All Black Winter’ are more likely to liff up heads than 013, heads will be sent flying like birds in the sky. Their savageness means you have to be cautious, listening to either of those beats in a moshpit while drinking a can of Red Stripe will make you go a bit mad, God forbid if you’re backing Magnums though, you’ll end giving someone a muay thai kick to face for the culture.

If that wasn’t enough, the much anticipated Trends & Boylan collaborative EP called ‘Norman Bates’, the 015 imprint on the Oil Gang label drops next month and it’s currently available for pre-order. All three releases have brightly coloured vinyls as well to add a bit of colour to the collections of you vinyl junkies in particular. These are the sort of the EPs you don’t want to miss out listening to.


Author: Dwayne Bickersteth

I like to write. I like to take pictures. That is all.

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