9 Shot Challenge #14

Heather. Weird though. I thought heather was supposed to be purple.


9 Shot Challenge #13

Decided to try something a bit different, with 9 squares to fill, why do all of them have to be the same. Each row has a different filter but everything still fits together well.


22 In 22: 9 Shot Challenge #12


Wanted to try something different so I came up with this, an orange version of a 9 Shot. I’ve used the orange filter before in other pictures I’ve put up. There’s something quite dramatic about looking at the sky when it’s in bright orange.

22 In 22: 9 Shot Challenge #11


London is a metropolis with the streets telling the stories of the day, no matter how discreet or unknown they are. It’s a place that is always busy and full of life and from my experience, some of London’s distinctive features arise from their slumber at night. When the sky turns into navy and the lights hum and flicker into life, you get to see the great city from a different perspective, little details that seemed invisible during the day seem to suddenly attract the eye at night. Taking a walk in Central London, the beating heart of the city at night can be a curious experience with nooks and crannies leading to the unknown being strangely interesting. Unshackle the explorer in you if you happen to be in the capital, you’ll be drawn into the secrets of the city, one illumination at a time.

9 Shot Challenge #10


9 squares = One big square of awesomeness but this bundle of shots together ask a question. Why the hell does Paris need so many pharmacies? Literally everywhere I looked, a pharmacy was not too far away. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I saw a new one pop up in my eyesight every two minutes. Seriously, how much drugs does one city need?

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