Two Shots, One Picture #9


Gotta love the architecture in London, two looking up shots of an apartment building near Westminster Cathedral here.


Two Shots, One Picture #7



Differing shots of St. Paul’s Cathedral, while one has a white background, the other has a pale yellow one. Both came out alright though.

Two Shots, One Picture #6

One looks modern, the other looks vintage. I like them both, they look like they’re from different eras even though they are the same picture.

Two Shots, One Picture #5


Here’s a picture from my trip to Paris earlier this year. At the top, I’ve keep the colour in it but at the bottom, it’s black and white.

Original or black and white?

Two Shots, One Picture #3

The Lamp Post & The Rest (Original)
The Lamp Post & The Rest (Black & White)

Taken near to Canary Wharf, I was wondering whether this shot would look better in black & white than in original colour. I’ll let you guys decide which is better.