#Writespiration 75 Write About The Rusty Thing

I’ve been at it again, writing another short story for Sacha Black. I definitely recommend you follow her if you want to bring the writer out of you. I suggest you read the other entries for this edition of Sacha’s Writespiration series, some very impressive entries on show by some very talented writers!

Sacha Black

Write about the rusty thingWithout sounding dramatic, which I always do, I love an apocalypse. In fact, I’m sort of obsessed with them. Or more, obsessed with the settings that they give. I love dystopian novels, anything decrepit, broken down and battered. But maybe this prompt takes you in another direction.

I’m still going to write these prompts and publish your stories, but for the next month, I won’t be participating. I have gotten a bit snowed under, and need to readjust my time spent, so that I can finish the two novels I am working on. But I’ll be back, in a month. Promise!

Here’s mine:

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Few words but a deep message.

Calling All Artists and Photo Bloggers!

For all you photographers and artists, here’s something that’ll interest you.

Weekly Blog Reviews #2

I’ve been featured in a selection of blog reviews by none other than Opinionated Man. To be included and receive such a positive review makes me feel that I am not on my own here in the blogosphere. I’ve already started to look at other blogs as well, gaining new followers in the process. The moral of the story here, don’t ever underestimate the power of networking.

Writespiration #57 Emotion

This was fun to part with in. Try it, make a story focusing on a emotion and make sure the character you use in that story feels that particular emotion intensely. I’d definitely suggest to anyone to follow Sacha, she’s fab!

Sacha Black

EmotionOne of the pieces of criticism I often get is that I don’t put enough emotion into my writing. So this week I thought I would challenge you to write a short piece where a character feels an emotion intensely. You can choose any emotion you want, but the character has to feel it in a big way.

I’ve recommended this book before, but I really cannot advocate it enough. Especially for this exercise. This book is my writing bible, my most coffee stained, love crumpled, biscuit crumb covered reference book. It’s The Emotion Thesaurus and if you don’t own it, you really bloody ought to.

Apologies if you received this twice, it shouldn’t have gone live earlier!

Here’s mine:

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