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9 Shot Challenge


9 squares, 9 shots, all that’s left is filling up the squares with the shots and voila.  Care to come up with something better than my attempt.

Summer’s Last Hurrah

Summer's Last Hurrah

So after an eventful summer of travelling, stressing, working and everything in between, autumn is coming but that didn’t stop the weather from being at its best last week when I went to Leigh-on-Sea again. With the summer slowly turning into autumn, that means transition with people switching from holiday mode into work mode. Being at the beach with the sea though means that for a while, that switch between the two modes can be delayed.



Went for another of my walks, I had a lot on my mind at the time and I just needed some time to myself. When it’s just me, my thoughts and my phone, I know I’m at peace, knowing for a few hours, my worries have evapourated and I can be happy. To be honest, the pond looks shallow so that lifebuoy might not be needed. Still, gotta make it look like it can still be useful.

Original Or Nah

Yellow And Purple Edit

Decided to give one of my shots of autumn last year a makeover. Original or nah (edited), which is better? Make your choice in the poll below.