5 Shot (Black & White)

Same 5 shot collage at Clapham Common but in black and white instead.


Two Shots, One Picture #9


Gotta love the architecture in London, two looking up shots of an apartment building near Westminster Cathedral here.

9 Shot Challenge #13

Decided to try something a bit different, with 9 squares to fill, why do all of them have to be the same. Each row has a different filter but everything still fits together well.





Greyscale is great, it can make any picture look more vintage if used properly. The older the architecture like that of the building seen here, the better. It’s like going back in time to the days where pictures and TV coverage only came in black and white.

Two Shots, One Picture #5


Here’s a picture from my trip to Paris earlier this year. At the top, I’ve keep the colour in it but at the bottom, it’s black and white.

Original or black and white?