Writespiration #57 Emotion

This was fun to part with in. Try it, make a story focusing on a emotion and make sure the character you use in that story feels that particular emotion intensely. I’d definitely suggest to anyone to follow Sacha, she’s fab!

Sacha Black

EmotionOne of the pieces of criticism I often get is that I don’t put enough emotion into my writing. So this week I thought I would challenge you to write a short piece where a character feels an emotion intensely. You can choose any emotion you want, but the character has to feel it in a big way.

I’ve recommended this book before, but I really cannot advocate it enough. Especially for this exercise. This book is my writing bible, my most coffee stained, love crumpled, biscuit crumb covered reference book. It’s The Emotion Thesaurus and if you don’t own it, you really bloody ought to.

Apologies if you received this twice, it shouldn’t have gone live earlier!

Here’s mine:

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Chapter 18: F5

Dear readers,

Like me or hate me for this but I believe that people are slowly becoming more and more dependent on predatory, materialistic instincts to survive in a world full of changing trends where we are programmed to submit to popular trends and judge those do not have the same ideals as the majority. Changing oneself can be either an easy or difficult transition but I question the very need to go through with the transition in order to not feel like an outcast. That is why I am wary of the mainstream, its aims do not entirely fit my aspirations so to shackle myself to its demands would be out of my character.

Don’t get me wrong, change can be good but change can be bad too. There’s even a time where change can happen but the same problems that were there before are still present. Big money names selling their products may infuriate the most battle-hardened of keyboard warriors ranting on their computers about how big companies treat consumers like crap and line their pockets with money all the way to the bank. Such behaviour does not show that consumers were ripped-off, more that they were shmurda-ed as the big cats join the hot nigga himself in a victorious shmoney dance.

That is why when the time comes, press that button to change your outcome but beware, pressing the button to update the situation every time you hit a glitch can only work to a degree and the end result can sometimes fail to come out as you expected. This provokes uncertainty which is like a poison to the mind, it’s worries and panics inside you and the fear of not knowing what lies in wait in the future is like staring down a deep well, you don’t how deep the well is or what’s down there.

On the other hand, uncertainty could be seen as exciting, igniting the gambler inside of you whilst waking up the rebellious side of your personality. If that happens, go with the flow, don’t tame the beast, instead let him out of the cage and let him run wild in fits of excitement, let him scream & shout and let it all out and if others find him toxic, tell those bitches to move out the way! Everyone has a rebel in them and when the rebel decides to come out like a jack-in-a-box, your aura will change, possibly causing certain people to move further away from you or move closer to you. The people who move either way may surprise you so be prepared for the unexpected. All this drama caused by the pressing of a simple button, impressive is it not.

When the button is pressed, merge with the mainstream to find your place in this cruel world but don’t submit to it as it will overpower you like a pumped up Ronda Rousey. Unleash the beast inside you to fend the mainstream off in order to keep a hold of your individuality. I believe that to stand a chance to walk amongst the juggernauts without being stepped upon, we must impose ourselves on them and not the other way round.

If uncertainty is a poison, acceptance is most certainly a drug; some crave it, they cannot function without it and quickly become utterly dependent on it to survive while others are able to resist it and function perfectly without it. Just think, the most fake, materialistic, insincere people are those who crave acceptance because they crave attention; on the outside, they seem confident but behind the mask lies a creature far different from the one that ventures outside the house. Meanwhile, the most honest, genuine and open-minded people are those who resist the drug and are also are the ones who cope better with uncertainty. Change happens but they adapt to the world that exists after the button is pressed but the drug addicts fall pathetically as they try to cling on the world they knew before change implemented itself.

Use the button wisely because there will be plenty who are corrupted and abuse the uses of it. Refreshing your situation because you seek validation of your decisions to the point where you shoot down those on the other side of the no man’s land means you are a slave to what society expects you to behave, in fact, brainwashing other people to side you when you have ulterior motives makes you the darkest kind of person. Materialistic traits in personality mean you surround yourselves with those who also have such traits and compete with them to be the head of your social group, squashing those who are not worthy to be in your presence.

Like me or hate me, I am my own person, others should be their own person too.

Dr. R