Writespiration #57 Emotion

This was fun to part with in. Try it, make a story focusing on a emotion and make sure the character you use in that story feels that particular emotion intensely. I’d definitely suggest to anyone to follow Sacha, she’s fab!

Sacha Black

EmotionOne of the pieces of criticism I often get is that I don’t put enough emotion into my writing. So this week I thought I would challenge you to write a short piece where a character feels an emotion intensely. You can choose any emotion you want, but the character has to feel it in a big way.

I’ve recommended this book before, but I really cannot advocate it enough. Especially for this exercise. This book is my writing bible, my most coffee stained, love crumpled, biscuit crumb covered reference book. It’s The Emotion Thesaurus and if you don’t own it, you really bloody ought to.

Apologies if you received this twice, it shouldn’t have gone live earlier!

Here’s mine:

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