22 In 22: 2 Years In The Blogosphere

Recently I hit another milestone which I am very proud to reach. The 12th of February this year marked my second year of blogging. My second anniversary feels great, I feel like from the my first anniversary to now, I’ve really started to grasp the essence of blogging, being able to make content for people to read, networking with fellow bloggers, seeing them grow and most importantly, learning from them because without them, there would be no point of blogging.

The two years seem to have flown by, when I first ventured into the blogosphere, I was still in university, trying to find a way away from my daily troubles and I have not looked back because it was a decision I made two years that for not one bit do I regret. At the same time, although I have good memories, I’m still looking to create more memories. I’m only two years into my time in the blogosphere and over the last few weeks, I’ve learned that the very best bloggers don’t get to where they are without putting years worth of dedication and consistency in growing their sites. I’m always looking to find ways to grow as a way of seeing how far I’m progressing. I have a bigger audience than I did last year, I follow many more people than I did last year and this year, I hope to grow more whilst also helping others to grow too.

I think that I have come far in the past two years. I won’t lie, they were hard, difficult years, taking me to dark places and making me question whether the path I was taking was really right for me or not. I’ve suffered, a lot at that, long did I mourn to be free of the restraints that were chaining me down, many times I worried whether I’d get to the other side, the fear of failure driving me on to finish what I started and now, here I am, graduated from university and in a better place. The depression I felt during my time in university was horrible but it’s something I look back without regret because through the depression, I worked hard enough to feel nothing but pride and elation finishing my degree and finishing what I started.

Two years down the line and I’m not anywhere near stopping yet. I have more things to write about, my mind always full of ideas and eager to get turn those ideas into something tangible, something creative, something to make me feel proud that I made that particular idea and turned it into something potentially beautiful to look at. Forwards and onwards I have to push myself to go to get to the heights which I crave to reach.




Write Without Fear. Edit Without Mercy.

Not a lot said but it packs a punch. Write courageously & edit passionately, a lack of belief and complacency will stop you reaching your full potential.


“If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You, They’re Not Big Enough.”

Powerful and true at the same time.

Chapter 25: Scratch The Itch

Dear readers,

When the itch comes, you just have to scratch it, no matter how hard you resist and even if somehow you manage to avoid giving in to the itch the first time, eventually, it’ll end up being too much work stopping yourself from the relief of scratching that itch and getting on with business as normal. The itch is notoriously persistent, you might think you’ve taken care of things when all of a sudden BOOM, it’s back with a vengeance ready to take you to a trip to hell from all the discomfort you’re gonna be in. I sometimes think about the moods people will be in after quelling the itch, reading this you would probably think all the people would be happy but I can’t come to the conclusion because to me, there are some itches that are meant to be left alone, going anyway near would only be a detriment and by simply ignoring the urge and controlling your desires, you would fair far better than if you got into the boxing right and tried to fight the itch.

Temptations? Desires? Urges? The unknown? All things that fill the head and sway the scales from one side to another in terms of your powers of decision-making. The consequences of confronting the itch might surpass your wildest expectations but at the same time it the confrontation might lead to a reward, a handsome one at that. What does past experience tell you to do? Does it tell you to do the same as you did in the past or tell you to do something differently, you have to come to a conclusion as to what weights you put on the scales and hope your choices were the right ones. Hopefully with hindsight, you’ll know whether you did the right thing but remember, after every decision, another one is waiting to pop up from the ground like a mole and when you put two and two, you’ll realise that there isn’t just one decision, there’s a cluster of them waiting to be whacked like you were playing a game of whack-a-mole. The decision to give into the itch or not, it should be an easy decision but when you think about, it’s not so straightforward.

I have a different kind of itch, one that continues even though I’m scratching away as if there’s no tomorrow, it’s a intense, burning feeling that affects my whole body, screws my face all over the place and leaves me wondering where the hell the itch came from. But why live in fear of it, I know it’ll always linger about and it will come back, why should I let it stop me from making progress in my life. Sometimes through curiosity, I find that scratching at the surface comes discovery and the more I discover, the more handsome the reward becomes. I don’t fear my itch, I embrace it as part of me and my personality.

Don’t get me wrong though, as curious as I am, curbing it isn’t such as a bad idea because if there’s two things I’ve learnt, it’s that firstly the itch can spark a learning curve full of adventure and secondly, the itch can send you spiraling out of control if you’re not careful. Little doses of craziness are manageable but once the doses become stronger, it gets harder to keep a hold of control as the itch tries to take over the situation and potentially tempt you to do things you wouldn’t dare do. Little doses of that addictive sensation of scratching to make the pain go away from time to time is alright but when it becomes a habit, it’s hard to kick as that sensation is as harmful as it is overwhelmingly irresistible. When you start, you can’t stop and what’s worse is that you can’t help it and it’s going to happen again, a destructive spell mixed by an intoxicating concoction of desire and love, sure the itch is a painkiller but when it wears off, the pain comes back and you need more painkillers to cope and soon you’re just gonna trying to survive rather than living like a normal human being.

Scratching the itch right now? Know your limits, don’t overstep the mark.

‘Dr. R’

Fess up and Get Real

Fear, the ongoing battle.


Ask yourself: Am I afraid of living or am I afraid dying?

Most people would say they’re afraid of dying, but live their lives in fear. Fear of failure, fear of what others think, fear of others, fear of illness, fear of being fat/thin/short/tall, fear of not fitting in, fear of heights, fear of water, fear of spiders, fear of closed spaces, fear of hurting themselves, fear of drowning, fear of flying, fear of wide open spaces, fear of being crazy, fear of getting to know themselves. The list goes on and on.

Now ask yourself again: Am I afraid of living or dying?

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