Food For Thought

“Hindsight is a marvellous instrument of thought. It’s only when your eyes are open that you see the seeds sowed into the foundations of now.”


9 Shot Challenge #13

Decided to try something a bit different, with 9 squares to fill, why do all of them have to be the same. Each row has a different filter but everything still fits together well.


22 In 22: Time

Isn’t it weird how whenever you think you have time to spare, it just goes away in a blink of an eye. Time is precious, don’t undervalue it because when you think you have the time to do everything you had planned, something might happen and suddenly you don’t have the time to do any of the things you wanted to do. We all take life for granted every now and again, acting like we’ll see the morning again after every night, acting like everything will be alright as it was before without a clue about what the future has in place for us.

We all have dreams and we all have the desire the just do well for ourselves and make our loved ones proud but does anyone know the exact time and place when everything they’re worked and laboured for comes to fruition. People can make themselves miserable because they’re working so hard to be a somebody in a world full of nobodies, the grind the real, it’s tough with drawbacks aplenty but if they didn’t push themselves, they would not become the men and women that they truly want to be. Time is precious because we can spend our whole lives inside the safety of our comfort zones, certain that particular things will happen in a certain way with no chance of anything unpredictable happening but what’s the point of doing that, that’s easy, anyone can do that. Time is precious because in the time we have here on Earth, we have to try and make a difference, freshen things up every now and again, constantly keep ourselves and people around us on their toes. Moving out of the comfort zones sounds scary but with the right people behind you and after a few deep breaths & enough bravery built up, you can tackle anything you set your mind to.

The sands of time do not cease for no man. Don’t have any regrets.


22 In 22: 2 Years In The Blogosphere

Recently I hit another milestone which I am very proud to reach. The 12th of February this year marked my second year of blogging. My second anniversary feels great, I feel like from the my first anniversary to now, I’ve really started to grasp the essence of blogging, being able to make content for people to read, networking with fellow bloggers, seeing them grow and most importantly, learning from them because without them, there would be no point of blogging.

The two years seem to have flown by, when I first ventured into the blogosphere, I was still in university, trying to find a way away from my daily troubles and I have not looked back because it was a decision I made two years that for not one bit do I regret. At the same time, although I have good memories, I’m still looking to create more memories. I’m only two years into my time in the blogosphere and over the last few weeks, I’ve learned that the very best bloggers don’t get to where they are without putting years worth of dedication and consistency in growing their sites. I’m always looking to find ways to grow as a way of seeing how far I’m progressing. I have a bigger audience than I did last year, I follow many more people than I did last year and this year, I hope to grow more whilst also helping others to grow too.

I think that I have come far in the past two years. I won’t lie, they were hard, difficult years, taking me to dark places and making me question whether the path I was taking was really right for me or not. I’ve suffered, a lot at that, long did I mourn to be free of the restraints that were chaining me down, many times I worried whether I’d get to the other side, the fear of failure driving me on to finish what I started and now, here I am, graduated from university and in a better place. The depression I felt during my time in university was horrible but it’s something I look back without regret because through the depression, I worked hard enough to feel nothing but pride and elation finishing my degree and finishing what I started.

Two years down the line and I’m not anywhere near stopping yet. I have more things to write about, my mind always full of ideas and eager to get turn those ideas into something tangible, something creative, something to make me feel proud that I made that particular idea and turned it into something potentially beautiful to look at. Forwards and onwards I have to push myself to go to get to the heights which I crave to reach.



My Mode Posts

So while I haven’t been particularly busy here on my personal blog, over on my Mode blog, I have been very busy researching and writing new stories. I’ve only had the blog for 4 weeks and I’m still finding my feet but the passion and interest of finding new things to talk about and share hasn’t diminished like my activity here on WordPress. By the way, I’m enjoying the new job so far, I’m learning day by day and I feel like I’m taking a step in the right direction in terms of sorting a career out for myself. This whole process for me is still in the infancy stage but everyone has to start from somewhere and something I’ve learned since starting my internship is that the people who have made it to the top have all had to work hard for a number of a years. The success they’ve gathered did not land at their feet so that is something that is encouraging me to continue working on me. People change, people move on, people move onto bigger and better things while others are stagnated, trying to stop others from succeeding just to make themselves feel better so I know I have to worry about myself and being the best I can before worrying about the problems of people I have no business in meddling in.

Anyways, my posts on Mode are steadily getting more views, the more posts I do, the better I get as a writer and pushing myself out of my comfort zones will only be a positive thing for me. Not only am I learning from the job, I’m learning from myself, I’m learning more about myself, who I am, what my goals are, the things I want to achieve. I’m ambitious, I want to do great things and reach heights I would never think I would ever reach but I am also a realist, experiences from my past have taught me never to get my hopes up too high because people will let you down, whether they mean it or not. Adventure, wanderlust, discovery, these are all things enveloping my mind strongly, my mind warped by the eccentricities out in the world. I want to experience as much as I can before I get to a point where I can’t experience any more. I don’t want any regrets, I hate regrets, in fact, I despise them so the best way to combat this naturally is to go through experience and lot of it.

The world is a enormous blank canvas, waiting for you to draw, scribble, sketch, mark out, paint, stain, whatever on it. I intend to do just this, I’m still young, more young than I think, the majority of people I’ve been around over the last few years have been older than me and whilst they’re rushing to complete their Plan A’s as soon as possible, here I am putting my Plan A aside and working on a Plan B, hoping to either go back to Plan A when the time is right or turn the Plan B into the Plan A, a Plan A 2.0 you could say. I remember a post I put up on Instagram saying “What does life have in place for me? I’ll leave it to God.”, that is exactly how I want to live my life, not pre-occupied about the dangers that lurk in this world, not worried about things that ultimately don’t really matter, I just want to have fun, to enjoy myself, to work and be grateful for the position I find myself in.

“Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.”

These are the words of wisdom from writer, Samuel Beckett. This quote has quickly become a motto in life for me to follow. I’ve mentioned this quote a few times in previous posts and I do so again because it’s a bloody good quote! Failure is something everyone has to deal with but don’t let it consume you as a person, simply brush yourself down, get up from the ground and try again and when you find success, you find failure in equal fortitude because the sweet success of a one day will be the bitter failure on another day.

Enough of my inspired rant, go and see my posts so far on Mode.