Two main things have changed on my blog. First, the blog name has changed from The Journal Of Dr. R to The Rantaman. I decided to change the name because I use the Rantaman name on Twitter & Instagram predominantly and it makes sense to co-ordinate all of my social media accounts to all use the same name in order to avoid confusion for those new to my site. Second, as a result of the name change, I’ve had to change my logos. I only redesigned my logos in November last year so the changes are minor.

Rantaman Logo OneRantaman Logo TwoRantaman Mini Logo OneRantaman Mini Logo Two

Hopefully to those who have been following me for some time that you’ll get used to the changes. They’ve been a bit overdue to be honest so I’m glad I’ve managed to make the changes.


New Logos

Dr. R logo November 2015 one Dr. R logo November 2015 twoDr. R Circle November 2015 oneDr. R Circle November 2015 two

Got some new logos freshly done. Hope you like them because I have a feeling they’re going to stick around for a while.

New Logo

Dr. R alternative logo

Did another logo, keeping in line with the blue and green theme I’ve used before. From a graphical sense, I’m impressed, I think it looks awesome. Thoughts anyone?

New Logos

Dr. R logo white hexagonDr. R logo black hexagon

Got some new logos, in plain white (hopefully you can see it) and in plain black. Love my old green and blue logo but I like these because they’re simple yet effective, I could put them anywhere and they’d fit in perfectly!