22 In 22: 2 Years In The Blogosphere

Recently I hit another milestone which I am very proud to reach. The 12th of February this year marked my second year of blogging. My second anniversary feels great, I feel like from the my first anniversary to now, I’ve really started to grasp the essence of blogging, being able to make content for people to read, networking with fellow bloggers, seeing them grow and most importantly, learning from them because without them, there would be no point of blogging.

The two years seem to have flown by, when I first ventured into the blogosphere, I was still in university, trying to find a way away from my daily troubles and I have not looked back because it was a decision I made two years that for not one bit do I regret. At the same time, although I have good memories, I’m still looking to create more memories. I’m only two years into my time in the blogosphere and over the last few weeks, I’ve learned that the very best bloggers don’t get to where they are without putting years worth of dedication and consistency in growing their sites. I’m always looking to find ways to grow as a way of seeing how far I’m progressing. I have a bigger audience than I did last year, I follow many more people than I did last year and this year, I hope to grow more whilst also helping others to grow too.

I think that I have come far in the past two years. I won’t lie, they were hard, difficult years, taking me to dark places and making me question whether the path I was taking was really right for me or not. I’ve suffered, a lot at that, long did I mourn to be free of the restraints that were chaining me down, many times I worried whether I’d get to the other side, the fear of failure driving me on to finish what I started and now, here I am, graduated from university and in a better place. The depression I felt during my time in university was horrible but it’s something I look back without regret because through the depression, I worked hard enough to feel nothing but pride and elation finishing my degree and finishing what I started.

Two years down the line and I’m not anywhere near stopping yet. I have more things to write about, my mind always full of ideas and eager to get turn those ideas into something tangible, something creative, something to make me feel proud that I made that particular idea and turned it into something potentially beautiful to look at. Forwards and onwards I have to push myself to go to get to the heights which I crave to reach.




22 In 22: A New Beginning


With my birthday approaching, I feel like doing something to mark the big day as well as doing something worth remembering during my last days as a 21 year old. This being the 8th of March means I’m exacting 22 days away from turning 22 years of old. 22 can be a bit of anti-climax after turning 21. It’s not a milestone like turning 10 or 13 or 16 or 18 or 21 but for me, it marks another year of maturity, another year of growth & another year to reflect on. With each birthday comes a new beginning and the ending of the old.

I haven’t been very active recently so I have decided to give myself a challenge that will be an interesting and daunting one to take on. I am going to try and I really hope I can make it to the end of this, blog for 22 consecutive days. This being day one where this mini-marathon begins and day twenty-two, the day I hopefully cross the line being March 29, the day before my birthday. I think this will a great opportunity for me to reflect on my first year as a bona fide adult, no longer a young boy but a young man trying to understand where his place in the world is. I’ve had lofty highs and sinking lows but I thank the friends and families around who have supported me and continue to do so right now. Last year was a poignant time in my life and I hope the next 12 months will bring even more moments to reminisce about.

Now is a time to look onwards and forwards on my quest to find out first and foremost what the hell I what to do with my life. What do I what to achieve? How will I get there? Will I be able to do everything I want before time is too late? All these questions and with such limited time, I can’t hang around doing nothing for too long. Hopefully by blogging for 22 days in a row, it’ll push me out of my comfort zone and talk about things I would not have talked about in the past, I think this will a good learning experience.

22 days of non-stop posts, ambitious or stupid. Either way, this will be fun and quite annoying in equal fashion. I look forward to the challenge.



So it finally happened, I have managed to reach over 100 followers on WordPress. To some, it’s a little milestone compared to the mass followings they have but to me, this is huge. I’ve been blogging now for over 18 months now and I can definitely say it’s been months well spent because I feel like I planted a seed all those months ago and now, I’m seeing the seed turning into a sampling.

Blogging has been an eye-opening experience, connecting with people all over the world and I really that, I’ve had hits from a lot of countries, some of which I never thought I’d see like Panama, Luxembourg, Honduras & Pakistan. I’ve seen my own skills gradually improve, I’m still learning as well and that’s the thing about blogging/writing, you are always discovering, you are always learning, you are finding out something you didn’t know, trying to understand how certain things are and how they fit into the world. The lessons I’ve learnt from reading posts and stories, some inspirational, some empowering, some joyous, some melancholy and some truly harrowing, all together perhaps change the perspective you look at life.

I haven’t blogged because I want to please others or because I want to get lots of likes so I can get an ego boost. I’ve done it for the love of it and I’m glad that my followers or my R-Gang as I’m now calling them are able to see that. I started out just doing writing on the blog and now I put up photos from my travels and adventures, I’ve just started a new section for The Journal where I pay homage to the my favourite genre of music, playing songs from the old days from a different era, I occasionally add pictures or quotes I see on Pinterest, I’m expanding my networks, I have my own Facebook page as well as Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

That sampling I was talking about earlier is still growing and hopefully, in the next 18 months, the sampling will have done some more growing and maybe it’ll have grown into a tree, sturdy at the base with far-reaching branches. After all, I’m looking forward to reaching the next milestone and the one after that and to all that I target. It won’t be long until I reach them, I can promise you that. To my R-Gang, thanks for following, now lets expand the gang!

Dr. R

My First Anniversary

Today is a special day, it’s exactly one year since I posted my first blog post. At the start of this journey, I didn’t know where it would lead. I had no idea what I going to do with this blog but here I am, one year in and enjoying my blogging journey so far. With the pictures, words of wisdom and general scribblings of my mind I’ve posted, I know that I’m definitely much more confident about the stuff I want to put up than when I first started. Hopefully my second year will be better than my first.


‘Dr. R’