5 Shot (Black & White)

Same 5 shot collage at Clapham Common but in black and white instead.


5 Shot (Sepia)


A collage of pictures taken in Clapham Common during the night.

Shine Bright

The lights shine brightest at night. 

22 In 22: Bright Lights


Another night comes and so do the bright lights. They illuminate the way, casting out the darkness. Their shine is unmissable and unmistakable during the night, making an alternate atmosphere to that present during the day. Urban lights in urban nights together make for some interesting urban adventures.

22 In 22: Sepia Nights

You know me, I love to go on strolls whenever, wherever. On this particular night, I decided to try the sepia for a change and took some pictures along The River Thames. The lights of the night reflecting off the river on this frosty evening, I was in central London when this night started and somehow after a very long stroll, I ended here by The River Thames. Gotta love an evening stroll every now and again.