The Notre-Dame

Another famous monument in the French capital, stunning inside and stunning outside. The Notre-Dame is unmissable in the landscape and while the queue to get in the cathedral is a drawback, it’s a small one because once you get in, you’ll see exactly why the queue is so long, architecture that’s candy to the eyes and tranquil beauty wherever you look.


Two Shots, One Picture #5


Here’s a picture from my trip to Paris earlier this year. At the top, I’ve keep the colour in it but at the bottom, it’s black and white.

Original or black and white?

9 Shot Challenge #10


9 squares = One big square of awesomeness but this bundle of shots together ask a question. Why the hell does Paris need so many pharmacies? Literally everywhere I looked, a pharmacy was not too far away. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I saw a new one pop up in my eyesight every two minutes. Seriously, how much drugs does one city need?

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The Paris Military School


Before I went to Paris this year, I didn’t have this grand looking building as something to see but I’m glad I saw it. Once I got to The Eiffel Tower, I noticed it in the distance and wanted to walk up to it. The square looking trees actually add the pictures, all in all, another good memory from this year.



Paris, one day, I will return to you. That is a promise I assure you I will keep.

Paris. Il est magnifigue.