5 Shot (Sepia)


A collage of pictures taken in Clapham Common during the night.



Not every day you get to see pelicans in St. James’ Park.

9 Shot Challenge #14

Heather. Weird though. I thought heather was supposed to be purple.

Eyes + Words


Looking at my reader this morning, just browsing to see any posts from the blogs I follow and I see a post called Architect. I read it and liked it, then I found more and more posts that I liked and really enjoyed reading them. All the the posts that I had enjoyed reading all done by one website, Eyes + Plus.

If you have a penchant for poetry and photography, I suggest you go and visit the website. I browsed the website and immediately I saw how stunning the photos are, the website’s theme really brings out the beauty in them. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of poetry but I have to say some of them are actually pretty good, not many words but boy do they tell a story.Delving into the website, I also saw that some of the posts used quotes as well, the cohesion between the quotes and the accompanying pictures clear to see.

This is the first time I’ve actually looked at someone else’s blog or website and enjoyed reading or looking at what’s there so much that I’ve felt the need to share it. Normally, if I really like a post in my reader, I will reblog it but essentially here I’m actually reblogging an entire website, a catalogue of posts for you all to see for yourselves so if you’ve got time, definitely check Eyes + Words out. Click the photo at the top to go and see for yourselves.

A Little Experiment With Sepia

4 Shot Sepia4 Shot SepiaYesterday I said that I wanted to try and take shots using the sepia filter so I decided to try and use it whilst I was wandering around near Canary Wharf. Initially, I thought I’d done a good job when I suddenly decided that my shots would look better more intense. To do this, I ramped up the contrast and the saturation & lowered the exposure. As you can see, the placid sepia that was there before turned into a rich sea of deep orange. Notice between the two the difference in the shadows of the buildings and the tones of orange in the skies.

Sepia was a difference experience compared to black and white, a combination of feelings of retro, vintage and cool would be how I’d describe using it. I guess I’m starting to become more and more immersed in photography; I’m using jargon more and more without feeling like I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, I have more of an idea what I want from a shot in terms of brightness, exposure, contrast and saturation as well as the finer details & my editing skills, although sketchy at times, are getting better so overall, I have a lot to be positive about this experience, sepia FTW!