5 Shot (Sepia)


A collage of pictures taken in Clapham Common during the night.



Every now and again, you see something that catches your eye.

Two Shots, One Picture #9


Gotta love the architecture in London, two looking up shots of an apartment building near Westminster Cathedral here.

9 Shot Challenge #13

Decided to try something a bit different, with 9 squares to fill, why do all of them have to be the same. Each row has a different filter but everything still fits together well.


22 In 22: Sepia Nights

You know me, I love to go on strolls whenever, wherever. On this particular night, I decided to try the sepia for a change and took some pictures along The River Thames. The lights of the night reflecting off the river on this frosty evening, I was in central London when this night started and somehow after a very long stroll, I ended here by The River Thames. Gotta love an evening stroll every now and again.