22 In 22: 2 Years In The Blogosphere

Recently I hit another milestone which I am very proud to reach. The 12th of February this year marked my second year of blogging. My second anniversary feels great, I feel like from the my first anniversary to now, I’ve really started to grasp the essence of blogging, being able to make content for people to read, networking with fellow bloggers, seeing them grow and most importantly, learning from them because without them, there would be no point of blogging.

The two years seem to have flown by, when I first ventured into the blogosphere, I was still in university, trying to find a way away from my daily troubles and I have not looked back because it was a decision I made two years that for not one bit do I regret. At the same time, although I have good memories, I’m still looking to create more memories. I’m only two years into my time in the blogosphere and over the last few weeks, I’ve learned that the very best bloggers don’t get to where they are without putting years worth of dedication and consistency in growing their sites. I’m always looking to find ways to grow as a way of seeing how far I’m progressing. I have a bigger audience than I did last year, I follow many more people than I did last year and this year, I hope to grow more whilst also helping others to grow too.

I think that I have come far in the past two years. I won’t lie, they were hard, difficult years, taking me to dark places and making me question whether the path I was taking was really right for me or not. I’ve suffered, a lot at that, long did I mourn to be free of the restraints that were chaining me down, many times I worried whether I’d get to the other side, the fear of failure driving me on to finish what I started and now, here I am, graduated from university and in a better place. The depression I felt during my time in university was horrible but it’s something I look back without regret because through the depression, I worked hard enough to feel nothing but pride and elation finishing my degree and finishing what I started.

Two years down the line and I’m not anywhere near stopping yet. I have more things to write about, my mind always full of ideas and eager to get turn those ideas into something tangible, something creative, something to make me feel proud that I made that particular idea and turned it into something potentially beautiful to look at. Forwards and onwards I have to push myself to go to get to the heights which I crave to reach.




Chapter 29: Change The Light Bulb

Dear readers,

As I’m writing this, I have to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m about to write. It’s finally happened, I’ve got writer’s block. Now before I go on, I wouldn’t classify myself as a writer so to say but one of the aims of my blog was that I would be able to express myself and thus, make me feel like I’d something productive and worthwhile with my time and by achieving this, it would involve writing about the various things that affect my daily life. Recently though, I can’t help but feel that I’ve hit a rut, I’ve come to a standstill and the wheels aren’t rotating as they should be. In short, the energy saving light bulb above my head has stopped working and I’m not sure how quickly it’s going to be replaced by a new one.

I’m sure some of you reading this will understand this feeling of blankness, the urge to write but the words not coming out no matter how hard you try. For me, effort is a delicate balancing act as I seem to find that whenever I force the issue rather than letting things flow at their own pace, I never get the results I desired. So then that must the root of my problem, I have nothing to spark my creativity and without it, there won’t be any ideas that burn like embers from the daytime into the nighttime. It’s been tough, wanting to do something so much and finding yourself restricted, feeling like you’re shackled by heavy chains tightly gripping your limbs. The harder I try, the more dumbfounded I become at the sight of the hole I’m in getting deeper and deeper.

This nonetheless is an experience I’ve learned from. For a start, I realised that when plan A doesn’t work, don’t keep on using it until you think it’ll eventually work because that might not be the case. Always have a back-up plan when things go wrong, hence why I’ve been posting plenty of pictures in light of the problem I have and I still have plenty more I haven’t shared so even if my block is a long one, I’ll still be able to post without feeling like my blog is being ignored, under-appreciated, I don’t want to get to a point where I’ve abandoned my blog to the point that it basically takes the form of a thick jungle that overwhelmed anything urban in sight, unrecognisable from what it looked like inside my mind. With a little TLC every now and again, you can all avoid your blogs turning into jungles, they’re no places for bloggers so the bloggers will find paradise elsewhere and cause your subscribers’ count to stagnate and even plummet, undoing weeks, months or even years of good work.

Something else I’ve realised is what if my light bulb gets replaced not by another energy saving bulb but one of the old-fashioned ones. That’s definitely not fixing my problem, in fact, that’s making it worse because the new stuff I come with for my blog will be worse than what’s there already and blogging should be about progression, not regression. That’s like swapping a broken down PlayStation 4 for an old PlayStation, I mean yes I had great memories of the PlayStation as a kid but I’m not a kid anymore and the times have moved on so when my PlayStation 4 breaks down, I want another one to replace it because it’s right thing to do unless you’re planning to betray Sony and switch allegiance to Microsoft, buying an Xbox One instead.

Another thing to make note of is that sometimes if things aren’t working as they should be, walk away. Now this initially might seem to be contradictory to what I said above but think of this way, if you’re in a relationship and things are moving way faster than you were expecting, you could feel overwhelmed to the point that the little bad habits your significant other did that you were able to overlook in the past are now ones you find yourself unable to overlook in the present. You don’t need to spend every last second with your missus/fella, let them breathe, enjoy their space as individuals, allow them to recharge their batteries just as you would do when your phones go down and in the society we live in, trying to cope without a smartphone is downright dangerous to your health and well-being. Seriously, how would you ladies be able to cope going to Nandos and not being able to go onto Instagram to take pictures of your extra cheeky meals or you lads at a house party pranking that one guy who said he could handle his drinks but was obviously lying and you find him fully turnt up making an arse of himself and you can’t video him and put it on YouTube, making him infamous when he goes back to school or to work.

Reading the above scenarios in terror? I suggest you give your phones a rest when they need one and the same goes for my problem, I can’t force my block to get better by doing the same things over and over again as that would reinforce the barriers stopping my flow of imagination. I need to take a step back and walk away, take a walk to clear my mind and come back without the frustration or the staleness from a different angle. If your one of the ones who can relate to my problem, I don’t want your sympathy or tips on how to solve it, I just want to be one of the ones that had a visit from the block and gladly let it be on it’s way when the time is right and you know what, when I read this again later on, I’ll realise that the visit has past, the wheels are in motion and I have a shiny new light bulb again.

‘Dr. R’