Two Shots, One Picture #7



Differing shots of St. Paul’s Cathedral, while one has a white background, the other has a pale yellow one. Both came out alright though.




Played around with orange again and as I saw with posts I’ve done in the past such as A Little Experiment With SepiaTwo Shots, One Picture #2 and Two Shots, One Picture #4, it’s something different from the norm but a good kind of different. I took these four pictures and although they looked okay individually, together they look great and when you have time to burn and editing skills to use, you can turn the great into the awesome. Four pictures, four perspectives, one very satisfying end product.

Two Shots, One Picture #6

One looks modern, the other looks vintage. I like them both, they look like they’re from different eras even though they are the same picture.



PANO_20150723_144007PANO_20150723_152527PANO_20150723_144839It’s one thing capturing the beauty of the park, it’s another to capture it using panoramic shots. Panoramic shots are hard if the subjects in the picture are moving but when everything is still, you end up capturing a picture that can feel more complete than any ordinary shot in the sense that you capture an entire atmosphere in just one shot. From the results above, I’d say I captured an atmosphere full of peace, quiet and a lot of satisfaction.

9 Shot Challenge #7

IMG_20150515_170958-COLLAGEI knew when I was coming back to blogging that I needed shots and lots of them so enjoy this monochrome 9 Shot.